Cyclohexanone Market in USA: Upward Trend Amid Supply Challenges

Cyclohexanone Market in USA: Upward Trend Amid Supply Challenges

Hiroshi Nakamura
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Cyclohexanone Prices Rise in the USA Amidst Increased Demand and Supply Constraints

In recent months, the price of Cyclohexanone in the USA experienced a notable uptick, starting at USD 1570/MT and marking a 3% increase mid-month. This surge can be attributed to heightened demand from industries such as nylon and pesticides, coupled with global supply constraints and escalating raw material expenses. Despite a slight downturn towards the end of the month, the market sustained its robustness, driven by consistent demand from sectors like adipic acid and caprolactam production. Looking forward to June, the market forecasts ongoing expansion, supported by demand from the construction, automotive, and electronics sectors. Nevertheless, challenges such as supply constraints and volatile raw material costs persist, necessitating close vigilance and risk management from market participants. Despite these uncertainties, the Cyclohexanone market in the USA exhibits cautious optimism, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the face of evolving economic conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyclohexanone prices in the USA rose by 3% mid-May due to heightened downstream demand and global supply constraints.
  • Despite a 1.2% price decline at month-end, demand remained steady, particularly from the adipic acid and caprolactam sectors.
  • The market foresees sustained demand from the construction, automotive, and electronics sectors in June.
  • Challenges ahead encompass supply constraints, fluctuations in raw material costs, and dynamics within the global market.
  • The Cyclohexanone market remains cautiously optimistic, adapting to evolving economic conditions.


The escalation in Cyclohexanone prices in the USA, driven by intensified demand from the nylon and pesticides industries and supply constraints, reflects broader economic shifts. This surge impacts downstream sectors such as construction, automotive, and electronics, which heavily rely on Cyclohexanone for production. The market's resilience, notwithstanding fluctuations, suggests adaptability to economic conditions. In the short term, industries may encounter cost pressures; however, in the long term, strategic sourcing and diversification within the supply chain could alleviate risks. Continuous monitoring of global market dynamics and raw material costs is imperative for upholding stability and growth within this sector.

Did You Know?

  • Cyclohexanone: This colorless liquid organic compound serves primarily as a precursor in the production of nylon and other synthetic materials. It plays a pivotal role in the manufacture of caprolactam and adipic acid, vital for producing nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 respectively. Its properties include being slightly soluble in water and highly miscible in organic solvents, rendering it crucial for various industrial applications.
  • Caprolactam: An intermediate chemical compound utilized in the production of nylon 6. It originates from cyclohexanone and is a cyclic amide. The polymerization of caprolactam gives rise to the formation of polyamide 6, a type of nylon extensively employed in textiles, automotive components, and industrial applications due to its strength and durability.
  • Adipic Acid: This dicarboxylic acid stands as a pivotal ingredient in the production of nylon 6,6. It reacts with hexamethylenediamine to form a polyamide, which is subsequently processed into nylon 6,6 fibers. Adipic acid also finds utility in the manufacture of diverse plastics, resins, and within the food industry as a flavorant and acidity regulator. Its production holds significance due to the widespread usage of nylon 6,6 in textiles, carpets, and engineering plastics.

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