Daring Heist in Salento: Criminals Steal 3 Million Euros, Set Cars Ablaze to Escape

Daring Heist in Salento: Criminals Steal 3 Million Euros, Set Cars Ablaze to Escape

Nikolai Ivanov
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Robbery in Salento: Criminals Escape with 3 Million Euros from Cash Transport Vehicle

In a daring heist that unfolded in Salento, a group of armed criminals managed to steal 3 million Euros from a cash transport vehicle on the morning of July 3, 2024. The incident occurred on the statale 613 highway between Brindisi and Lecce, specifically in the stretch between San Pietro Vernotico and Torchiarolo, creating a scene of chaos and fear for those caught in the crossfire.

Key Takeaways

  • Heist Details: The robbery took place on the statale 613 highway between Brindisi and Lecce, involving a group of criminals who executed a well-coordinated attack.
  • Criminal Tactics: The assailants used firearms and set multiple vehicles on fire to obstruct the police and ensure their escape.
  • Traffic Disruption: The attack caused significant traffic congestion, with long queues forming as authorities redirected vehicles to alternate routes.
  • No Casualties: Despite the use of firearms, there were no reported injuries among the security guards in the cash transport vehicle.


The robbery in Salento is the latest in a series of high-profile heists targeting cash transport vehicles, following a similar incident in Sassari just days earlier. The criminals' methodical approach, involving the use of firearms and setting vehicles ablaze, indicates a high level of planning and sophistication.

Location and Timing: The choice of location—a busy highway—and the timing during peak hours suggest the criminals were well-aware of the potential for creating maximum disruption. The statale 613 is a critical route connecting Brindisi and Lecce, making it a strategic spot for such a high-stakes robbery.

Criminal Tactics: By setting cars on fire in both directions, the robbers effectively created a barrier, buying themselves crucial time to escape while police and emergency services were delayed. This tactic also highlights a concerning trend of increasing boldness among criminal gangs in the region.

Police Response: Despite the dramatic nature of the heist, the rapid response from law enforcement helped manage the situation, redirecting traffic and preventing injuries. However, the escape of the criminals with such a large sum of money underscores the need for enhanced security measures for cash transport operations.

Did You Know?

The recent heist in Salento bears resemblance to another high-profile robbery in Sassari, where criminals made off with an estimated 10 million Euros from the Mondialpol headquarters. These incidents are part of a worrying trend of increasingly daring and violent robberies targeting cash transport services across Italy.

The statale 613, the scene of the latest heist, is a vital artery for commerce and travel in the Salento region, further amplifying the impact of such criminal activities on local communities and businesses. The use of arson as a diversion tactic is a growing concern for law enforcement, prompting discussions on new strategies to counteract such methods.

In light of these events, authorities are urging for heightened vigilance and improved security protocols to safeguard against future incidents, emphasizing the importance of public awareness and cooperation in combating organized crime.

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