Deutsche Bank CEO Expresses Optimism for China Market Growth

Deutsche Bank CEO Expresses Optimism for China Market Growth

Hikaru Nakamura
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Deutsche Bank CEO Optimistic About China's Business Growth

Deutsche Bank's CEO for Asia-Pacific, Europe- Africa-Middle East, and Germany, Mu Wenze, recently expressed his belief that the business growth in the Middle East and China, as well as ASEAN and China, will surpass other global regions. He predicts that this trend will continue over the next decade. Emphasizing Deutsche Bank's positive outlook on the Chinese market, Mu Wenze also expects China to further advance its open-door policy. He mentioned that the bank has consecutively issued four Panda Bonds, showcasing its support for the Chinese financial market. Additionally, Mu Wenze looks forward to China introducing more two-way open-door policies to promote cross-border activities for multinational and Chinese enterprises. Deutsche Bank aims to play a role in both bringing foreign enterprises into the Chinese financial market and assisting Chinese enterprises in going global.

Key Takeaways

  • Deutsche Bank CEO Mu Wenze is bullish on the business growth between China and the Middle East, as well as ASEAN.
  • Deutsche Bank has consecutively issued four Panda Bonds, supporting multinational enterprises' entry into China.
  • China's high savings rate is propelling the development of the debt and equity markets.
  • Deutsche Bank anticipates the continuous openness of China and two-way policies.
  • Deutsche Bank plays a part in supporting Chinese enterprises to go global.


Deutsche Bank's consecutive issuance of Panda Bonds and active support for multinational enterprises entering the Chinese market demonstrate its unwavering confidence in China's financial openness. This not only strengthens the bank's business presence in Asia but also accelerates the rapid growth of its business in the Middle East, ASEAN, and China. In the short term, Deutsche Bank's strategy will enhance its financial influence in China and its surrounding regions. In the long run, with China's sustained open-door policy, Deutsche Bank is poised to play a more significant role in the global financial market. Furthermore, China's high savings rate will continue to drive the development of its debt and equity markets, providing more investment opportunities for international financial institutions.

Did You Know?

  • Panda Bonds:
    • Panda Bonds refer to Renminbi-denominated bonds issued within China, usually by foreign entities such as foreign governments or multinational corporations. These bonds allow non-Chinese issuers to enter China's vast capital market, providing them with financing channels. The consecutive issuance of four Panda Bonds by Deutsche Bank demonstrates its active support and confidence in the Chinese financial market.
  • Two-way Open-door Policy:
    • The two-way open-door policy refers to the Chinese government's initiative that not only allows foreign enterprises to access the Chinese market but also encourages Chinese enterprises to venture into the international market. This policy aims to promote cross-border trade and investment, strengthen international economic cooperation, and create more business opportunities for Chinese and global enterprises.
  • High Savings Rate Driving the Development of Debt and Equity Markets:
    • A high savings rate refers to relatively high levels of savings by residents of a country or region. In China, due to traditional savings habits and limitations on investment channels, the savings rate has remained high. This high savings rate provides abundant sources of funds for debt and equity markets, driving the rapid development and deepening of these markets.

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