Deutsche Bank in Talks to Buy Stake in HK$10.2B Project Loan for Hong Kong Development

Deutsche Bank in Talks to Buy Stake in HK$10.2B Project Loan for Hong Kong Development

Elena Schmidt
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Deutsche Bank in Talks for HK$10.2 Billion Project Loan Stake in Hong Kong Luxury Development

Deutsche Bank is reportedly in negotiations to acquire a stake in a HK$10.2 billion ($1.3 billion) project loan for The Corniche, a luxury property development in Hong Kong. This significant loan is currently held by distressed Chinese developers Logan Group Co. and KWG Group Holdings Ltd, who are facing challenges in the sluggish Hong Kong property market. Despite purchasing the site for a record HK$16.9 billion in 2017, only 30 out of 295 units have been sold since 2023, with most sales occurring after a substantial 40% price reduction in April. Ares Management Corp. has also displayed interest in the loan, offering 95 cents on the dollar in April, though no agreement has been reached.

Key Takeaways

  • Deutsche Bank eyes stake in HK$10.2 billion project loan for The Corniche in Hong Kong.
  • The Corniche developers, Logan Group and KWG Group, struggle with slow sales amid market downturn.
  • Only 30 out of 295 units sold since 2023, with significant price cuts in April.
  • Ares Management Corp. also interested in the loan, offering 95 cents on the dollar.
  • JPMorgan in talks to arrange HK$8.95 billion loan to refinance existing facility with high interest rates.


Deutsche Bank's potential stake in The Corniche project loan could stabilize Logan Group and KWG Group, but risks persist due to sluggish Hong Kong property sales. Ares Management's interest and JPMorgan's proposed high-interest refinancing highlight competitive pressures and financial strain. Short-term impacts include loan restructuring challenges; long-term effects hinge on market recovery and investor confidence. Key affected entities include original lenders HSBC, Standard Chartered, and ICBC Asia, alongside Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan.

Did You Know?

  • Distressed Assets: Distressed assets refer to investments in companies or properties that are experiencing financial difficulties. These assets are often acquired at a significant discount to their intrinsic value, with the expectation that they can be turned around or sold for a profit once the financial situation improves.
  • Project Loan: A project loan is a specific type of financing provided to fund a particular construction or development project. These loans are typically secured by the project's assets and cash flows, and they are often structured to mature when the project is completed or reaches a certain stage of development.
  • Refinancing: Refinancing involves replacing an existing debt obligation with a new debt obligation under different terms. The new debt often has a lower interest rate, a different maturity date, or better terms, which can reduce the borrower's monthly payments or overall debt burden. In the context of The Corniche, JPMorgan is discussing arranging a new loan to replace the existing facility, potentially at a higher interest rate to reflect the increased risk.

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