DJI Unveils Amflow PL E-Bike: A New Venture into Electric Bikes

DJI Unveils Amflow PL E-Bike: A New Venture into Electric Bikes

Rafaela Silva
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DJI Enters E-Bike Market with Amflow PL - Integrating Drone Technology

DJI, renowned for its drones, is stepping into the e-bike arena with its latest innovation, the Amflow PL electric mountain bike. This eMTB is equipped with the Avinox Drive System, a remarkably compact and potent unit weighing a mere 5.5 lbs, capable of conquering any terrain. The bike itself is lightweight, tipping the scales at approximately 42 lbs and offers two battery options: 600Wh and 800Wh, both ensuring high energy density and swift charging.

What's remarkable is the incorporation of a smart touchscreen display that interfaces with the Avinox app for seamless interaction. This dustproof and water-resistant display also includes a built-in alarm for security. DJI positions this e-bike as an extension of its drone technology, taking advantage of similar hardware and software.

Key Takeaways

  • DJI debuts Amflow PL eMTB featuring the Avinox Drive System, weighing just 5.5 lbs.
  • The bike offers lightweight 600Wh and 800Wh battery options, charging 0-75% in under 2 hours.
  • DJI's e-bike boasts a 2-inch smart touchscreen display, dustproof and water-resistant.
  • The Amflow PL seamlessly integrates DJI's drone tech, using similar hardware and software.
  • DJI provides an email update option for pricing and availability information on their new e-bike.


DJI's foray into e-bikes, leveraging drone technology, has the potential to disrupt the e-bike market, challenging established players such as Specialized and Giant. The innovative Avinox Drive System and high-capacity batteries position DJI for success in both urban and off-road segments. This move may enrich DJI's revenue streams and brand diversification. In the short term, competitors may respond with technological upgrades, while in the long term, DJI could emerge as a leader in integrating smart technology into bikes. Investors and suppliers within DJI's drone ecosystem might witness expanded opportunities, while traditional bike component manufacturers could face heightened competition.

Did You Know?

  • eMTB (Electric Mountain Bike): An electric mountain bike is a bicycle equipped with a battery-powered "assist" that comes from pedaling and, in some instances, a throttle. This system makes it easier to tackle steep hills, rough trails, and long distances. DJI's entry into this market with the Amflow PL indicates their expansion beyond drones into personal electric mobility devices.
  • Avinox Drive System: This is DJI's exclusive drive system intended for their Amflow PL e-bike. It's a compact and lightweight motor system that provides power assistance while being robust enough to handle diverse terrains. The innovation here lies in its integration with DJI's existing technology, leveraging their expertise in motor development and engineering from their drone products.
  • Smart Touchscreen Display: The smart touchscreen display on the Amflow PL e-bike is a feature that enables users to interact with the bike's systems and connect with the Avinox app. This display is designed to be durable with dustproof and water-resistant properties, and it includes additional features like a built-in alarm for security. This technology integration is a leap forward in making e-bikes more connected and user-friendly, akin to how DJI has integrated technology into their drones.

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