Ethereum Address Worth $21.9 Million Activated After 9 Years

Ethereum Address Worth $21.9 Million Activated After 9 Years

Hikaru Nakamura
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Ethereum Address Worth $21.9 Million Activated After 9 Years

A dormant Ethereum address holding approximately $21.9 million in ETH has suddenly become active after nearly nine years of inactivity. This marks the first activation of a pre-mine Ethereum address this June, following similar awakenings in May involving addresses with $325,535 and $5.9 million. The activity spike in pre-mined addresses coincides with a significant drop in Ethereum's price, which hit an intraday low of $3,642, influenced by a robust US jobs report that dampened hopes for a Federal Reserve rate cut. The market turmoil led to nearly $49 million in Ether positions being liquidated, with long positions taking the biggest hit at 93% of the total.

Key Takeaways

  • A dormant Ethereum address worth $21.9 million activated after nine years.
  • This June, it's the first pre-mine Ethereum address to be activated.
  • In May, two other pre-mine addresses with $325,535 and $5.9 million were activated.
  • Ethereum's price dropped to $3,642, leading to increased address activations.
  • Over $49 million in Ether positions were liquidated, with 93% being longs.


The sudden activation of a $21.9 million Ethereum address after nine years, coupled with market price drops, suggests strategic moves by early investors capitalizing on market volatility. This activity, likely influenced by economic indicators like the US jobs report, could signal a shift in investor sentiment towards Ethereum. The subsequent liquidation of $49 million in Ether positions, predominantly longs, indicates a market correction influenced by macroeconomic factors. Short-term, this may lead to further price instability, while long-term, it could realign market expectations and influence future investment strategies in the crypto sector.

Did You Know?

  • Pre-mine Ethereum Address: A pre-mined address in the context of Ethereum refers to an address that was created during the initial distribution of Ether before the network went live. These addresses hold Ether that was allocated before public mining began. The activation of such an address after a long period of inactivity can indicate significant market movements or strategic decisions by the original holders.
  • Liquidation in Cryptocurrency Trading: Liquidation refers to the process where a trader's leveraged position is forcibly closed by the exchange or platform when the trader's equity falls below the maintenance margin. In the context of the news, nearly $49 million in Ether positions were liquidated, with 93% being long positions. This typically happens when the market moves against the trader's position, leading to a significant loss that depletes their available margin.
  • Federal Reserve Rate Cut: A rate cut by the Federal Reserve refers to a monetary policy action where the Federal Reserve decreases the federal funds rate, which is the interest rate at which depository institutions lend reserve balances to other depository institutions overnight. A rate cut is generally seen as an effort to stimulate the economy by making borrowing cheaper, which can lead to increased spending and investment. In the context of the news, expectations of a rate cut were dampened by a robust US jobs report, which influenced the cryptocurrency market, including Ethereum's price.

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