Douglas Elliman Subleases Beverly Hills Office Space

Douglas Elliman Subleases Beverly Hills Office Space

Maria Fernandez
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Douglas Elliman to Sublease Beverly Hills Office Space in Cost-Cutting Move

Douglas Elliman, a prominent brokerage, plans to sublease two floors of its Beverly Hills office at 150 South El Camino Drive to streamline operations. The company aims to consolidate its office space on the third floor of the same building at a targeted monthly rate of approximately $5 per square foot. This strategic decision aligns with the firm's ongoing efforts to reduce costs and adjust to the evolving business landscape post-pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • Douglas Elliman seeks to sublease 10,800 square feet of office space to facilitate operational consolidation.
  • The company targets a monthly asking rate of $5 per square foot or approximately $54,000 per month for the two-floor space.
  • The move is prompted by an underutilized area, with the objective of creating a cohesive space conducive to collaboration.
  • Kennedy Wilson is the building owner, which previously accommodated 300 agents for Douglas Elliman.
  • Despite endeavors to reduce office space since 2020, the firm's general and administrative expenses remained substantial, totaling $125 million in 2023, slightly down from $131 million in 2022.
  • In Q1 of 2024, the average monthly asking rent for offices in Beverly Hills was $5.20 per square foot, with Class A offices commanding $5.45 per square foot.


The decision of Douglas Elliman to sublease office space in Beverly Hills underscores the lasting impact of the pandemic on the commercial real estate sector. The company's proactive approach to cost-cutting and operational optimization reflects the broader challenges faced by businesses in a post-pandemic era characterized by evolving work dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Subleasing: This arrangement involves the original tenant (in this case, Douglas Elliman) renting out all or part of the leased space to another tenant (the sublessee), who pays rent to the original tenant while the latter remains responsible for the original landlord. This strategy can be advantageous for companies aiming to reduce costs or maximize underutilized space.
  • Class A offices: These are distinguished by superior quality, prime locations, robust infrastructure, and premium amenities. They command higher rental rates due to their exceptional features and prestigious image.
  • Square Foot (sq ft) Rent: This common unit of measurement in commercial real estate denotes the rental cost per square foot. Douglas Elliman's request for $5 per square foot per month translates to an annual cost of $60 per square foot. This pricing structure facilitates rent comparisons across different spaces and simplifies overall leasing cost calculations.

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