Douglaston Development Acquires 90-Unit Rental Property in Manhattan's Upper East Side

Douglaston Development Acquires 90-Unit Rental Property in Manhattan's Upper East Side

Isabella Cruz
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Douglaston Development's Acquisition and Expansion Plans in Manhattan's Upper East Side

Douglaston Development, led by Jeffrey Levine, has successfully completed the acquisition of a 90-unit rental property on 1450 Third Avenue in Manhattan's Upper East Side for a staggering $114.5 million. The firm has secured a remarkable $270 million loan package from MSD Partners, affiliated with renowned tech billionaire Michael Dell, out of which $201 million is allocated for construction, and the remaining $69 million is for acquisition. Levine’s ambitious vision includes the demolition of part of the existing structure to pave the way for a new 39-story, 478-foot-tall tower located at 175 East 82nd Street, adding an impressive 72 units to the mix. Upon completion, the combined properties will offer a total of 172 units, all meticulously designed by CetraRuddy Architecture, inclusive of retail spaces, parking, and an array of upscale amenities such as a swimming pool, media room, and fitness facilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Douglaston Development has acquired a 90-unit rental property on Manhattan's Upper East Side for $114.5 million.
  • A $270 million loan package from MSD Partners, affiliated with tech billionaire Michael Dell, has been secured by the firm.
  • This substantial financial backing comprises $201 million for construction and $69 million for acquisition.
  • Plans include demolishing part of the existing building to construct a 39-story, 478-foot-tall tower with 72 units.
  • The new development, designed by CetraRuddy Architecture, will feature retail space, parking, and amenities like a swimming pool and fitness room.


Douglaston Development's strategic acquisition and expansion plans in Manhattan's Upper East Side, backed by a significant loan from MSD Partners, represent a strong investment in the upscale urban real estate market. The ambitious project, involving both demolition and construction, is poised to significantly impact local property values and rental rates, potentially leading to gentrification. Short-term effects will likely include construction disruptions and a surge in the demand for construction services. In the long term, the new tower could attract affluent residents, resulting in a boost for local businesses and an increase in tax revenues. However, it may also raise concerns regarding housing affordability and the preservation of the neighborhood's character. This development serves as a testament to the escalating influence of tech-affiliated capital in the real estate market.

Did You Know?

  • Douglaston Development: A renowned real estate development company specializing in large-scale residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in New York City, led by Jeffrey Levine, known for integrating innovative design with sustainable practices.
  • MSD Partners: An investment firm managing capital for Michael Dell and other clients, focusing on generating long-term value through various investment strategies, including real estate, credit, and private equity, leveraging deep industry expertise and a collaborative investment approach.
  • CetraRuddy Architecture: An internationally acclaimed architecture and design firm, based in New York City, recognized for its contextual approach and innovative design solutions in residential, commercial, and cultural sectors, emphasizing human experience and sustainable design principles.

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