easyJet CEO Lundgren Steps Down Amid Stock Price Sink

easyJet CEO Lundgren Steps Down Amid Stock Price Sink

Einar Jónsson
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EasyJet CEO to Step Down, CFO to Take Over

Johan Lundgren, the CEO of easyJet, is set to step down from his position and will be replaced by the current CFO Kenton Jarvis. Lundgren, who has been with the low-cost airline since 2017, has steered the company through the challenges brought by the pandemic, with a focus on developing profitable European routes. The appointment of Jarvis as the new CEO is seen as a signal of continuity in the company's current strategy. Despite the resurgence in travel, easyJet's stocks remain 60% lower than their levels before the pandemic, and the airline's projections for summer passenger yields have softened. Nevertheless, easyJet is anticipating a robust summer season with increased passenger numbers, aiming to achieve a pre-tax profit of £1 billion through initiatives such as reducing winter losses, upgrading its fleet, and expanding its easyJet Holidays offerings. Lundgren departs with a sense of accomplishment in the company's advancements.

Key Takeaways

  • Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet, will be succeeded by CFO Kenton Jarvis
  • Lundgren, who joined easyJet in 2017, established a focus on lucrative European routes
  • EasyJet, under Lundgren's leadership, adopted a less aggressive approach to market share during the pandemic
  • Despite favorable summer expectations, easyJet's stocks remain 60% below pre-pandemic levels
  • Growing easyJet Holidays has been a key focus for Lundgren, contributing a quarter of the company's pre-tax profits in FY22


Johan Lundgren's departure from the role of easyJet CEO may stem from the company's shares still being significantly below their pre-pandemic levels, despite his strategic emphasis on profitable European routes and the reduction of winter losses. The appointment of CFO Kenton Jarvis as his successor suggests a continuation of this approach. The change in leadership is anticipated to have minimal impact on easyJet's partners and suppliers due to the consistent strategy. In the near term, easyJet aims for a £1 billion pre-tax profit in the summer through fleet upgrades and expansions in easyJet Holidays. However, potential long-term implications include investor skepticism amid the slow recovery of share prices and heightened competition from other budget airlines. Furthermore, financial institutions and countries reliant on easyJet's operations may encounter challenges if the company's growth projections do not materialize.

Did You Know?

  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer): The CFO holds a senior executive role responsible for overseeing a company's financial operations. Their responsibilities encompass strategic planning, financial reporting, risk management, and ensuring the company's financial stability and growth. Kenton Jarvis will transition from his CFO position to assume the role of easyJet's CEO.
  • Lucrative European routes: These refer to airline routes connecting popular or high-demand destinations within Europe. Concentrating on such routes allows easyJet to capitalize on robust travel demand and potentially achieve higher profit margins compared to less popular or competitive routes.
  • Pre-tax profit of £1 billion: This is easyJet's financial target for the upcoming fiscal year, representing the company's anticipated earnings before tax. Aiming for £1 billion indicates the company's expectation of substantial financial improvement, considering its shares remain 60% below pre-pandemic levels.

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