Education Coach Sells $28 Million in Courses in 3 Hours Amid China’s Youth Unemployment Crisis

Education Coach Sells $28 Million in Courses in 3 Hours Amid China’s Youth Unemployment Crisis

Xiaoling Qian
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Education Coach Sells $28 Million in Courses in 3 Hours Amid China’s Youth Unemployment Crisis

In a remarkable feat, Zhang Xuefeng, a coach who assists students in selecting university majors, sold his courses worth 200 million Yuan within three hours. This surge in sales comes amidst China's rising youth unemployment rates. However, Zhang’s high-priced courses have sparked widespread debate, with critics accusing him of exploiting anxious parents and engaging in predatory marketing tactics.

Key Takeaways

  1. High Sales Volume: Zhang Xuefeng sold his university major selection courses worth 200 million Yuan in just three hours.
  2. Pricey Courses: The courses, priced up to 17,999 Yuan, have drawn both immense demand and criticism.
  3. Debate on Ethics: Critics argue Zhang is capitalizing on parental anxieties, while supporters see the courses as valuable investments in their children's future.
  4. Educational Market Gap: The incident highlights the significant gap in educational resources and the lengths parents are willing to go to secure their children's future.

Deep Analysis

Zhang Xuefeng's recent sales milestone underscores the high stakes parents associate with their children's education in China. His courses, costing up to 17,999 Yuan, offer services including one-on-one counseling and detailed guidance on university and major selection. Despite the hefty price, the courses sold out quickly, reflecting a high demand driven by parents' aspirations for their children amid a competitive job market.

Critics accuse Zhang of exploiting this desperation through "hunger marketing" and charging exorbitant fees for information readily available online. They argue that such high costs exclude less affluent families, exacerbating educational inequality. On the other hand, supporters contend that Zhang provides a valuable service, helping families navigate complex educational choices and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

The broader issue at play is the unequal access to educational resources in China. Many students, particularly from rural areas, lack the information and guidance needed to make informed decisions about their education. Zhang's success points to a significant gap in the market, where informed, personalized guidance is in short supply but highly valued.

Did You Know?

Zhang Xuefeng's influence extends beyond his paid courses. He is known for his free educational content online, where he advises students on the realities of various career paths. For example, he often cautions against pursuing degrees in fields like finance and business administration without the necessary family background or connections, emphasizing more practical and employable disciplines. This pragmatic approach, although sometimes criticized for discouraging dreams, aims to set realistic expectations and guide students towards stable career paths.

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