El Al Israel Airlines Nearing $2.5 Billion Deal with Boeing for 737 Max Jets

El Al Israel Airlines Nearing $2.5 Billion Deal with Boeing for 737 Max Jets

Isabella D'Angelo
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El Al Israel Airlines Nearing $2.5 Billion Deal with Boeing for 737 Max Jets

Boeing is on the verge of securing a substantial agreement with El Al Israel Airlines for approximately 30 of its 737 Max jets, despite recent concerns about the aircraft's safety. This multimillion-dollar deal encompasses engines and spare parts, marking it as Boeing's second-largest 737 Max order for the year. Exclusive negotiations with both Boeing and aircraft lessors have been announced by El Al, indicating a firm commitment to the deal. This move follows an earlier incident in January that placed the 737 Max under intense scrutiny. However, El Al's decision underscores confidence in the jet's safety and reliability post-crisis.

Key Takeaways

  • El Al Israel Airlines plans to negotiate for 30 Boeing 737 Max jets.
  • The potential order could be Boeing's second-largest for the 737 Max this year, valued between $2 billion to $2.5 billion.
  • El Al's exclusive negotiations demonstrate a strong commitment to the deal, despite recent safety concerns for the 737 Max.


El Al's potential $2-2.5 billion purchase of 30 Boeing 737 Max jets, despite recent safety concerns, reflects confidence in Boeing's post-crisis reliability. This strategic move may enhance Boeing's financial position and reputation, while also improving El Al's operational efficiency and competitiveness. However, the impact of public perception and regulatory scrutiny on future airline procurement and Boeing's market recovery cannot be underestimated.

Did You Know?

  • Aircraft Lessors: These are companies that own aircraft and lease them to airlines, allowing them to operate without significant capital investment.
  • Boeing 737 Max: This family of narrow-body airliners has been controversial due to safety issues, leading to a global grounding of the fleet.
  • El Al Israel Airlines: The flag carrier of Israel known for its stringent security measures and diverse route network.

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