Eli Lilly & Co. Receives US Approval for Kisunla Alzheimer’s Treatment

Eli Lilly & Co. Receives US Approval for Kisunla Alzheimer’s Treatment

Natalia Ramos
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Eli Lilly's Kisunla Emerges as Second Drug to Slow Alzheimer's Progression in the US

Eli Lilly & Co. has gained approval in the US for Kisunla, its new Alzheimer’s treatment, marking the second drug capable of slowing the progression of the disease. This groundbreaking development is of enormous significance, considering the impact of Alzheimer’s on approximately 6 million Americans. The approval not only signifies a major achievement for Lilly and its investors but also offers hope to those affected by the devastating disease.

Key Takeaways

  • Eli Lilly's Alzheimer's drug Kisunla has been approved in the US, providing a new option in the fight against the disease.
  • Kisunla becomes the second drug capable of slowing Alzheimer's progression, presenting a significant advancement in treatment options.
  • With approximately 6 million Americans affected by Alzheimer's, the approval of Kisunla holds great importance for patients and their families.
  • The emergence of Kisunla sets the stage for competition with Eisai Co.’s Leqembi, which has been on the market since early 2023.
  • Kisunla's approval follows years of anticipation and demonstrates the impact of positive results from clinical trials.


The approval of Eli Lilly's Kisunla not only consolidates its position in the market but also challenges Eisai's Leqembi. Despite facing regulatory hurdles, the launch of Kisunla diversifies the landscape of Alzheimer's treatment, ultimately benefiting patients and healthcare systems. This breakthrough is poised to influence the stock performance of Eli Lilly in the short term and may create long-term competitive pressure for Eisai. Furthermore, this development is likely to accelerate research funding and drug development in the realm of neurodegenerative diseases.

Did You Know?

  • Eli Lilly & Co.: A global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and marketing of drugs across various therapeutic areas, including diabetes, cancer, and neurological disorders. Recognized for its research-driven approach to drug development, it has a significant presence in the biotechnology sector.
  • Alzheimer’s treatment: It encompasses medications and therapies aimed at managing symptoms and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by memory loss, cognitive decline, and behavioral changes.
  • Eisai Co.’s Leqembi: Developed by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai, it is a significant competitor in the Alzheimer’s treatment market, having shown efficacy in slowing the progression of the disease.

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