EMP Capital Group Secures $110M Construction Loan for Brooklyn Project

EMP Capital Group Secures $110M Construction Loan for Brooklyn Project

Magnus Olsen
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EMP Capital Group Secures $110 Million Construction Loan for Brooklyn Project

EMP Capital Group has successfully secured a $110 million construction loan from QuadReal Property Group for its 246-unit mixed-use project located at 870-888 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn's vibrant Prospect Heights neighborhood. This significant financial backing marks a pivotal step in advancing the development of this groundbreaking initiative. Elie Pariente, the esteemed head of EMP, orchestrated the acquisition of the property from Odyssey Realty in November 2.

Key Takeaways

  • EMP Capital Group secures a $110 million construction loan from QuadReal for its 246-unit project at 870-888 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.
  • Elie Pariente, head of EMP, acquired the property contract from Odyssey Realty for $26 million in November 2.


The substantial $110 million construction loan provided by QuadReal to EMP Capital for their mixed-use project in Brooklyn underscores the escalating momentum in real estate development and reflects investor confidence in this promising locale. This influx of investment is poised to invigorate the local economy, catalyzing job creation and elevating property values within Prospect Heights. Nonetheless, the surge in property prices may pose challenges to affordability for residents and small enterprises. Over time, the project has the potential to elevate the desirability of the neighborhood, drawing in a greater influx of businesses and tourists. The triumphant realization of this endeavor could inspire other investors to endorse similar ventures in the area, propelling further development. This positive trajectory may unleash a ripple effect on construction material suppliers and service providers in the region. It is imperative to diligently monitor the potential impact of fluctuating interest rates on the financial landscape of EMP and QuadReal.

Did You Know?

Here are three essential concepts from the article that may benefit readers unfamiliar with the real estate industry:

  • Construction Loan: A construction loan is a short-term financing instrument utilized for funding real estate construction projects. Typically, the lender disburses the funds to the builder in stages as the construction progresses. Upon project completion, the borrower can opt to repay the construction loan or refinance it into a long-term mortgage.

  • Mixed-Use Project: This denotes a real estate development integrating diverse functions, such as residential, commercial, and/or retail, in a singular building or complex. In this instance, the EMP Capital Group is spearheading the construction of a 246-unit residential edifice with ground-floor retail space.

  • QuadReal Property Group: A globally renowned entity in real estate investment, development, and management headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. QuadReal oversees a diverse real estate portfolio encompassing properties across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, embracing office spaces, industrial establishments, retail outlets, and residential properties. Notably, QuadReal extended a $110 million construction loan to EMP Capital Group for their pioneering mixed-use project in Brooklyn.

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