European Startup Network Appoints New Board and President

European Startup Network Appoints New Board and President

Elena Berger
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European Startup Network Strengthens Ecosystem with New Board and President

The European Startup Network (ESN) has revealed its revamped leadership, appointing a new board and president, in a bid to address critical challenges faced by European startups. As part of this initiative, ESN has outlined 10 policy priorities aimed at streamlining legal requirements for cross-border business, introducing pan-European tech visas, standardizing stock option programs, and attracting increased investments from pension and insurance funds into venture capital (VC) firms.

Key Takeaways

  • ESN initiates a significant reboot to fortify the European startup ecosystem.
  • The newly appointed board, president, and CEO bring forth 10 key policy priorities for the upcoming years.
  • ESN's objectives include easing cross-border business operations for startups and bolstering VC investments.
  • Efforts are focused on promoting standardization of intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer, in addition to advocating for a dedicated commissioner for startups and scaleups within the European Union.
  • Access to capital, specifically at advanced stages, and the need for unified efforts in the European AI landscape are highlighted concerns for startups.


The overhaul of the European Startup Network (ESN) seeks to enhance the continent's startup landscape by addressing prevalent impediments, such as simplifying legal prerequisites, establishing tech visas, and standardizing stock option plans. This strategic move is aimed at fostering collaboration among startups, facilitating international business engagements, and targeting investments from pension and insurance funds into VC firms. ESN’s emphasis on AI and the appointment of dedicated commissioners are indicative of the imperative to consolidate the European AI movement and improve access to capital, particularly at later developmental stages. As a result, this initiative is anticipated to yield heightened competitiveness among startups, streamlined regulatory frameworks, and potential amplification in VC investments, benefiting countries, startups, and investors through a more cohesive and empowered European startup ecosystem.

Did You Know?

  • European Startup Network (ESN): ESN serves as an overarching body representing national startup associations throughout Europe, encompassing notable entities such as France Digitale and the German Startup Association. ESN's core mission is to reinforce the European startup ecosystem by addressing collective challenges encountered by startups and nurturing technological autonomy.
  • Pan-European tech visas: This special immigration category is designed to facilitate the recruitment of highly skilled technology professionals. A pan-European tech visa would simplify the process for startups to engage talent from across Europe, alleviating bureaucratic constraints and enhancing access to skilled labor.
  • Standardizing stock option programs: Stock options, a form of equity compensation, are commonly awarded by companies to their employees, serving as incentives in startups to encourage contributions to organizational growth. Standardizing stock option programs across Europe would facilitate talent acquisition for startups and ensure equitable and transparent schemes.

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