Exolum to Construct New Biofuels and Bulk Liquid Terminal at Port of Bilbao

Exolum to Construct New Biofuels and Bulk Liquid Terminal at Port of Bilbao

Santiago Cruz
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Exolum's Strategic Investment in Biofuel Terminal at Port of Bilbao Signals Shift Towards Sustainable Energy

Exolum, a global logistics and storage firm, is set to begin construction on a new biofuel and bulk liquid terminal at the Port of Bilbao, aligning with its commitment to the energy transition. With a 20 million euro investment, the project is expected to be operational by 2027, featuring advanced storage and processing capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Exolum's 20 million euro investment to establish a biofuel terminal at the Port of Bilbao is projected to be operational by 2027.
  • The initial phase will comprise 5 tanks with a total storage capacity of 29,000 m3, equipped with cutting-edge safety and environmental protection measures.
  • The terminal is positioned strategically at the Port of Bilbao, a vital hub for biofuel transportation, supporting Exolum's broader strategy for sustainable energy transition.


The substantial investment by Exolum reflects its strategic pivot towards sustainable energy storage and distribution, driven by a rising demand for biofuels and shifting regulatory landscapes favoring renewable energy. The advanced capabilities and strategic location of the terminal are expected to bolster Exolum's standing in the market, streamlining biofuel logistics across Atlantic hubs. This initiative not only promises short-term economic impacts but also positions Exolum as a frontrunner in biofuel handling.

Did You Know?

  • Exolum: A global company specializing in logistics, storage, and distribution of liquid products, with a focus on innovative solutions for energy transition, including biofuels and sustainable energy sources.
  • Port of Bilbao: A crucial maritime gateway in the Basque Country of Spain, serving as a key hub for the import and export of goods, including biofuels, linking Europe with global markets.
  • Biofuel Terminal: A specialized facility designed for the storage and distribution of renewable and environmentally friendly biofuels, equipped with advanced infrastructure for efficient and safe operations.

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