Far-Right National Rally Projected to Lead in France's Snap Election

Far-Right National Rally Projected to Lead in France's Snap Election

Amélie Dubois
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Far-Right National Rally Poised to Make Strong Gains in France's Snap Parliamentary Election

As France prepares for its snap parliamentary election, projections indicate that the far-right National Rally party, led by Marine Le Pen, is expected to capture 36% of the votes, reflecting a shift towards euroskepticism and anti-immigration sentiments. The left-wing New Popular Front is projected to secure 27% of the votes, while President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance party trails with 20%. This polarization in politics has raised concerns among experts, leading to predictions of potential political gridlock and financial instability.

France's two-stage voting system means the National Rally is likely to advance to the second round in many constituencies. However, tactical voting may pose challenges to their progress. Despite initial gains, achieving an absolute majority could prove challenging, potentially resulting in a highly divided National Assembly.

The market has responded swiftly, with France's CAC 40 index experiencing significant losses since the election announcement. The widened spread between French and German borrowing costs suggests heightened political risk. Economists caution that policies from either extreme could lead to immediate financial repercussions, with both parties advocating for lowering the retirement age and cutting income tax.

Key Takeaways

  • National Rally expected to win 36% of votes in France's parliamentary election.
  • Far-right party could lead in France but fall short of an absolute majority.
  • Market volatility predicted with potential political paralysis and financial crisis.
  • French CAC 40 index down 6% since election announcement, reflecting investor concerns.
  • Le Pen may moderate policies to align more closely with EU standards if elected.


The surge in support for France's far-right National Rally party, led by Marine Le Pen, could lead to political gridlock and market volatility. Investors and analysts are concerned about potential financial instability due to the party's euroskeptic and anti-immigration policies. The French CAC 40 index has already dropped 6%, and the spread between French and German borrowing costs has widened, signaling increased political risk. Short-term consequences include market turbulence and potential financial crisis, while long-term impacts hinge on whether Le Pen moderates her stance to align more closely with EU standards, as seen with Italy's Giorgia Meloni.

Did You Know?

  • Euroskepticism: Euroskepticism refers to a skepticism or lack of confidence in the European Union (EU) and its policies. It often involves opposition to deeper European integration and a preference for national sovereignty. This stance can influence policies on immigration, economic governance, and international relations, potentially leading to tensions with other EU member states and the broader European project.
  • CAC 40 index: The CAC 40 is a benchmark French stock market index that represents a capitalization-weighted measure of the 40 most significant values among the 100 highest market caps on the Paris Bourse (now Euronext Paris). It is often used as a barometer for the overall health of the French economy and its financial markets.
  • Tactical voting: Tactical voting involves voters strategically choosing to vote for a candidate they might not necessarily support but who has a higher chance of winning. In France's two-stage voting system, tactical voting can significantly influence the outcome of the second round, potentially blocking the National Rally from achieving an absolute majority despite their strong showing in the polls.

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