Feather Raises €6M to Expand Expat Insurance

Feather Raises €6M to Expand Expat Insurance

Lorenzo Rossi
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Feather Secures €6 Million in Additional Funding for European Expansion

Feather, a startup focused on providing insurance solutions for expats, has secured an additional €6 million in funding, bringing its total funding to €10 million. Founded in 2018 by Rob Schumacher and Vincent Audoire, Feather aims to simplify the insurance process for the mobile migrant workforce and student population in Europe.

The platform, tailored for over 50 million expats in Europe, has already assisted over 50,000 people from 150 countries and currently serves expats in Germany, France, and Spain. With plans to expand to three more countries by the end of 2024, the funding round led by Keen Venture Partners is set to accelerate Feather's expansion into new European markets, creating a seamless insurance experience for expats moving across borders.

Key Takeaways

  • Feather raises €6 million, total funding now €10 million.
  • Targets 50 million expats in Europe with tailored insurance solutions.
  • Digital platform simplifies insurance for non-native speakers.
  • Expands to three more countries by end of 2024.
  • Backed by Keen Venture Partners and Plural for European expansion.


Feather's funding surge is poised to bolster its pan-European expansion, potentially impacting established insurers like Allianz and AXA. The startup's growth addresses expat insurance complexities, benefiting a mobile workforce and students. Short-term, Feather's digital platform enhances user experience and regulatory compliance. Long-term, its market dominance could reshape expat insurance norms and influence competitor strategies and regulatory frameworks, indicating a broader industry shift towards digital, user-centric insurance solutions.

Did You Know?

  • Expat Insurance:
    • Definition: Insurance specifically designed for individuals living outside their home country, often covering health, property, and liability risks.
    • Significance: Addresses the unique challenges expatriates face in understanding and navigating foreign insurance systems, often in languages they are not proficient in.
  • Pan-European Digital Platform:
    • Definition: A digital service that operates across multiple European countries, providing a unified interface and experience despite regional differences in regulations and languages.
    • Significance: Enables companies like Feather to offer consistent services across borders, simplifying operations and enhancing user experience for a mobile demographic.
  • Keen Venture Partners:
    • Definition: A venture capital firm that specializes in investing in technology-driven startups, particularly those with a focus on European markets.
    • Significance: Plays a crucial role in funding and supporting innovative companies like Feather, helping them scale and expand their operations across Europe.

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