Finnish Startup Cluby Raises €2.9M Seed Funding for Restaurant Digitalization

Finnish Startup Cluby Raises €2.9M Seed Funding for Restaurant Digitalization

Valentina Rossi
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Finnish Startup Cluby Secures €2.9 Million in Seed Funding to Digitally Connect Restaurants with Customers

Finnish startup Cluby, established in 2018, has successfully secured €2.9 million in Seed funding to facilitate digital connections between restaurants and their customers. The founders, Kalle Ek, Joel Leino, and Pekka Koskinen, are dedicated to making digital tools accessible and affordable for smaller establishments like cafes and nightclubs. Cluby's platform enables restaurants to handle customer interactions, sell digital products, and establish personalized loyalty programs all within a single app. The push for digital solutions in the restaurant industry has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cluby has experienced substantial growth, with a fivefold increase in 2023, and has plans for expansion across Europe this year. The funding round was spearheaded by Vendep Capital, with the participation of notable investors including Pekka Koskinen and Elias Aalto. The company intends to utilize the funds to broaden its European presence and continue its mission of empowering smaller restaurants with digital tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Cluby raises €2.9 million to digitize restaurant customer connections.
  • The platform offers affordable tools for loyalty programs and marketing.
  • Over 500 restaurants and 100,000 users are already utilizing the app.
  • Cluby aims for European expansion, aspiring to attain market leadership.
  • The funding was led by Vendep Capital, with participation from seasoned entrepreneurs.


Cluby's €2.9 million seed funding underscores the escalating demand for digital solutions in the hospitality industry, driven by pandemic-induced shifts. This influx benefits smaller eateries, enhancing their digital capabilities and customer engagement. Vendep Capital and seasoned investors stand to gain from Cluby's anticipated market expansion. In the short term, Cluby's growth bolsters European tech startups; in the long term, it could reshape restaurant operations and customer interactions globally.

Did You Know?

  • Seed Funding:
    • Seed funding is the first round of financing for a new business venture. It is typically sought by startups to cover initial costs such as research, product development, and market testing before they become profitable. In the case of Cluby, the €2.9 million seed funding will help them expand their digital platform for restaurants across Europe.
  • Vendep Capital:
    • Vendep Capital is a venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage investments in technology startups. They focus on companies that have the potential for rapid growth and market leadership. By leading Cluby's funding round, Vendep Capital is signaling confidence in the company's business model and growth prospects.
  • Digital Loyalty Programs:
    • Digital loyalty programs are customer retention strategies that use digital platforms to reward repeat customers with incentives such as discounts, points, or exclusive offers. Cluby's platform allows restaurants to create and manage these programs within their app, making it easier for smaller establishments to compete with larger chains in terms of customer engagement and retention.

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