Federal Investigation Targets Sergio Pino's Involvement in Death Threats

Federal Investigation Targets Sergio Pino's Involvement in Death Threats

Adriana Herrera
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Federal Investigation Targets Sergio Pino's Involvement in Death Threats

Developer Sergio Pino is under federal investigation after FBI raids on his Cocoplum estate and office in Coral Gables. The raids are linked to death threats against his estranged wife, Tatiana Pino, amidst their contentious divorce. Pino, a prominent figure in South Florida's homebuilding industry, is cooperating with the investigation, while his company, Century Homebuilders Group, faces potential disruptions in planned developments.

Key Takeaways

  • FBI raids stem from death threats against Sergio Pino's estranged wife.
  • Ongoing federal investigation could impact Century Homebuilders Group's projects.
  • Pino's cooperation with the investigation confirmed by his defense attorney.
  • Recent acquisition of a significant development site in Homestead by Century Homebuilders Group.


The federal investigation into Sergio Pino has the potential to disrupt planned developments of Century Homebuilders Group and impact the local real estate markets. Legal implications may influence project timelines, corporate governance, and property values in South Florida.

Did You Know?

  • Cocoplum Estate:
    • A prestigious gated community in Coral Gables, Florida, known for luxurious waterfront properties.
  • Century Homebuilders Group:
    • Recognized as a prominent real estate development company specializing in residential properties in South Florida.
  • Tactical Gear in Law Enforcement:
    • Specialized equipment used by law enforcement officers during high-risk operations.

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