Fontainebleau Development Acquires Land Near Las Vegas Hotel-Casino for $112.5 Million

Fontainebleau Development Acquires Land Near Las Vegas Hotel-Casino for $112.5 Million

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Fontainebleau Development Acquires 5 Acres of Land near Las Vegas Hotel-Casino for $112.5 Million

Fontainebleau Development has made a significant move by acquiring 5 acres of land near its Las Vegas hotel-casino for a whopping $112.5 million. The land, situated on Elvis Presley Boulevard, is part of the former Riviera hotel and casino site, totaling 10 acres. The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority is poised to vote on this substantial sale, as Fontainebleau looks to cement its presence in the vibrant Las Vegas market. CEO Jeffrey Soffer expresses optimism about the future, citing positive results for the recently opened Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Key Takeaways

  • Fontainebleau Development's acquisition of 5 acres near Fontainebleau Las Vegas is valued at $112.5 million.
  • This land forms part of the former Riviera hotel site and is valued at $22.5 million per acre.
  • Approval from the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority is pending for this strategic acquisition.
  • CEO Jeffrey Soffer emphasizes confidence in the market as a driving force behind this expansion.
  • The newly acquired land is presently utilized as a large parking lot, as per Google Maps' data.


The $112.5 million investment by Fontainebleau Development to acquire 5 acres adjacent to its Las Vegas hotel-casino underscores a strong bullish outlook on the market. Pending approval from the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, this move has the potential to bolster Fontainebleau's strategic position and operational efficiencies. While initial financial constraints may arise, the long-term benefits include positioning Fontainebleau for expansion, thereby amplifying revenue and market share. Additionally, this acquisition signals confidence to stakeholders and could attract further area development, impacting local real estate values and tourism.

Did You Know?

  • Fontainebleau Development: A prominent real estate development firm recognized for its luxury properties, encompassing upscale hotels, resorts, and commercial spaces, and strategic investments in prime locations.
  • Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority (LVCVA): A pivotal government agency tasked with promoting Las Vegas and facilitating tourism and conventions, playing a vital role in approving major real estate transactions and developments impacting the city's tourism industry.
  • Riviera Hotel and Casino: An iconic establishment on the Las Vegas Strip, the Riviera hotel and casino's closure in 2015 and subsequent demolition epitomize the dynamic nature of the Las Vegas real estate landscape.

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