Foreclosure Looms Over 88 University Place

Foreclosure Looms Over 88 University Place

Olivier Dubois
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88 University Place: From WeWork Hub to Foreclosure Fate

88 University Place, an iconic office building with a captivating history in Greenwich Village. Once a thriving WeWork hub, this splendid structure is now facing the imminent threat of foreclosure. A recent ruling by a bankruptcy judge has authorized CIM Group, the lender, to push ahead with foreclosure proceedings, adding fuel to the ongoing internal turmoil at the building's owner, Arch Companies.

In a bid to revitalize the space and entice new tenants, Arch Companies secured a hefty $70.5 million refinancing deal for renovation purposes. However, the road to rejuvenation hit rocky terrain as internal discord led to a dramatic fallout between Arch's co-founders, resulting in one of them, Jeffrey Simpson, being ousted from the company. Simpson even resorted to filing for bankruptcy for one of their controlling LLCs. Despite this, the judge's ruling asserts that this legal maneuver does not shield the building from the clutches of foreclosure.

Key Takeaways

  • 88 University Place, owned by Arch Companies, confronts foreclosure as CIM Group proceeds with legal measures.
  • A bankruptcy judge rules against an automatic stay, allowing the lender to pursue foreclosure.
  • The property's mortgage and mezzanine loans have been in default since July 2023, compounding the financial turmoil.
  • Internal strife at Arch Companies triggers lender's legal actions, impacting the fate of the property.
  • Notably, former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann retains a passive investment stake in the building.


The foreclosure of 88 University Place sends ripples across CIM Group and Arch Companies, while also casting a shadow of potential losses over passive investor Adam Neumann. The departure of IBM due to pandemic-related factors and the internal discord at Arch Companies have exacerbated financial strains, resulting in the default of loans. In the short term, the repercussions encompass the devaluation of the property and widespread investor apprehension. Long-term implications hinge on the trajectory of bankruptcy filings and the broader market recovery, thereby influencing trends in the commercial real estate arena.

Did You Know?

  • Foreclosure:
    • Foreclosure denotes the legal process through which a lender, such as a bank or financial institution, seizes possession of a property following the borrower's failure to fulfill mortgage obligations. In the case of 88 University Place, CIM Group, the lender, is pushing for foreclosure owing to Arch Companies' default on mortgage and mezzanine loans since July 2023.
  • Mezzanine Loans:
    • Mezzanine loans are a unique form of hybrid debt/equity financing commonly utilized in real estate transactions. Positioned subordinate to senior debt but higher in priority than equity, these loans typically serve to bridge the gap between traditional senior debt and equity financing, offering additional capital for endeavors like property renovations. In the context of 88 University Place, Arch Companies' default on these loans has significantly contributed to the foreclosure proceedings.
  • Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy:
    • An automatic stay operates as an injunction that automatically halts legal actions, foreclosures, garnishments, and overall collection activities against the debtor upon the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings. However, in this scenario, the bankruptcy judge has ruled that the automatic stay does not extend to the property, thereby authorizing CIM Group to forge ahead with the foreclosure process despite Arch Companies' internal bankruptcy filing for one of their controlling LLCs.

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