France Braces for Final Round of Parliamentary Election

France Braces for Final Round of Parliamentary Election

Isabelle Dubois
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French Snap Parliamentary Election: National Rally Party Poised for Victory

The upcoming final round of the French snap parliamentary election on July 8, 2024, is expected to see the far-right National Rally (RN) party, led by Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen, receive the most votes. However, they may fall short of an absolute majority. The RN faces opposition from President Emmanuel Macron's "Together" alliance and the New Popular Front, who have formed a "republican front" to thwart the RN's advance and urge voters to reject them, even if it means supporting rival candidates.

The "republican front" strategy, while aimed at halting the RN's progress, raises concerns about voter compliance and potential confusion due to conflicting messages from political leaders. For instance, former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe advises voters to reject both RN and far-left France Unbowed candidates, while current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal calls for everyone to vote against RN.

The possibility of a hung parliament stands at 35%, according to Teneo's political analysis. In this scenario, forming a government would be uncertain and challenging. The analysis also estimates a 35% chance of the RN coming close to an absolute majority, with Marine Le Pen likely to court MPs from the center-right The Republicans (LR) and independent right-wing lawmakers.

Key Takeaways

  • The far-right National Rally (RN) party is expected to lead in the French snap parliamentary election but may fall short of an absolute majority.
  • The "republican front" strategy to block the RN raises concerns about voter compliance and potential confusion due to conflicting political messages.
  • The possibility of a hung parliament and the formation of alliances could significantly impact the government and policies.


The outcome of the snap parliamentary election in France has implications for financial markets and EU stability. While the far-right National Rally (RN) party may not secure an absolute majority, its potential victory could strain international relations and domestic economic policies. The "republican front" strategy, despite its intentions, risks causing voter confusion and backlash, potentially favoring the RN. Short-term effects may include market volatility and political uncertainty, with long-term consequences dependent on the RN's ability to form alliances, influencing EU policies and France's global standing.

Did You Know?

  • Snap Parliamentary Election: A snap election is called by a government when it decides to hold an early election, rather than waiting for the next scheduled election date. This can occur due to a loss of confidence in the government, a major policy failure, or a significant shift in public opinion.
  • Republican Front: The "republican front" is a political strategy where ideologically opposed parties unite temporarily to prevent a more extreme party from gaining power. This tactic is often used in France to block the far-right from gaining significant political influence.
  • Hung Parliament: A hung parliament occurs when no single political party achieves a majority of seats in the legislative body, making the formation of a stable government challenging as parties must negotiate and form coalitions to reach a majority. In the context of the French parliamentary election, a hung parliament is a possibility, with a 35% chance according to Teneo's political analysis, making the process of government formation uncertain and complex.

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