French Rappers Unite in Defiant Anti-Far-Right Anthem 'No Pasarán,' Sparking Controversy and Legal Concerns

French Rappers Unite in Defiant Anti-Far-Right Anthem 'No Pasarán,' Sparking Controversy and Legal Concerns

Yves Tussaud
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French Rappers Release 'No Pasarán' in Defiance of Far-Right Politics

On the night of Monday, July 1, twenty prominent French rappers released a powerful 10-minute track titled "No Pasarán," a defiant stance against the rising influence of the far-right Rassemblement National (RN) party. Spearheaded by renowned producer Kore and designer Ramdane Touhami, the song features artists from different generations, such as Akhenaton, Pit Baccardi, Fianso, Soso Maness, Mac Tyer, Demi Portion, Zola, Kerchak, and RK. This release comes amidst a backdrop of political silence from the rap community, with the lyrics expressing vehement opposition to the far-right and its ideologies. However, the song’s controversial and aggressive lyrics, including insults and conspiracy theories, have sparked significant debate.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Unified Artistic Stand: The song represents a collective effort by the rap community to voice their disapproval of the RN and its policies, reminiscent of past anti-far-right movements in French rap history.
  2. Controversial Content: The track includes inflammatory language and conspiracy theories, which risks diluting the intended political message.
  3. Call for Prosecution: Marine Le Pen has responded strongly, calling for legal action against the rappers for what she considers abject and defamatory content.
  4. Charitable Intent: All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, a charity supporting poor and homeless individuals in France.


The release of "No Pasarán" marks a significant moment in the intersection of politics and music in France. Historically, French rappers have played crucial roles in political discourse, especially against far-right movements. The track’s title, inspired by the Spanish Republican slogan against Franco’s fascism, underscores the seriousness with which these artists view the threat posed by the RN. The inclusion of archival footage in the music video adds a historical depth to their message.

However, the song's impact is complicated by its explicit and provocative lyrics. Phrases like "Fk le RN" and "Marine et Marion les pes" are undeniably aggressive and potentially harmful, alienating some listeners who might otherwise support the anti-far-right message. Additionally, references to conspiracy theories involving Freemasons and Illuminati muddy the narrative, risking the credibility of the artists' political stance.

Marine Le Pen’s call for prosecution reflects the intense polarization in French society. Her tweet, which translates to "The new popular front. It makes you want, doesn’t it? I hope the public prosecutor will take action against this abjection," highlights the legal and social ramifications of the track. This reaction could lead to a broader debate on freedom of expression versus hate speech in France.

Did You Know?

This isn’t the first time French rappers have united against the far-right. In the wake of the 2002 presidential elections, rap icons Kool Shen and Akhenaton collaborated to rally votes against Jean-Marie Le Pen. Similarly, after the 2005 riots, JoeyStarr’s organization Devoirs de Mémoires mobilized young voters. Notable tracks like Diam’s "Marine" (2004) and "Ma France à moi" (2006) also targeted the far-right’s growing influence. The current track "No Pasarán" continues this tradition, aiming to inspire political activism among France's youth.

Lyrics in English:

The lyrics of "No Pasarán" are explicit and provocative. Here are some of the lines:

  • "F**k le RN"
  • "Jordan, you’re d**d"
  • "Bardella wants to close the borders, but the dr**s will come up from Marbella"
  • "France is us, not those b**tards"
  • "We vote against the p*gs"
  • "If the f**ists pass, I'll come out with a big c*liber"
  • "F**k Marine and Bardella"
  • "They’re all Freemasons"
  • "Marine and Marion are b**ches"
  • "They want to inject chips into our blood"
  • "F**k Zemmour"
  • "My heart is in Palestine"
  • "Palestine from the Seine to the Jordan"
  • "Come on, let’s bring out the b*yonets"
  • "I fk the fs"
  • "They must not pass, my buddy is under OQTF"

In conclusion, "No Pasarán" stands as a testament to the enduring role of music in political activism. Despite its controversial elements, the track has succeeded in reigniting public debate on the far-right’s place in French politics, demonstrating the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change.

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