FTX and Alameda Reportedly Transfer Millions in XRP and vBTC

FTX and Alameda Reportedly Transfer Millions in XRP and vBTC

Lucía Ramos
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FTX and Alameda Transfer $12 Million in XRP and vBTC

In an unexpected move, FTX and Alameda Research have reportedly transferred millions in XRP and vBTC, totaling approximately $12 million. The transfer included 10 million WXRP worth $5.2 million, sent to Binance, and 5 vBTC worth about $7 million, sent to Wintermute. This transfer coincides with the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings for both entities, raising questions about their strategic asset management amid financial challenges. Additionally, the market saw a 3.4% drop in XRP's value following this substantial transfer.

Key Takeaways

  • FTX and Alameda transferred $12 million in crypto, including 5 vBTC and 10 million WXRP.
  • The transferred WXRP, worth $5.2 million, was sent to Binance, impacting XRP's market value with a 3.4% drop.
  • The remaining XRP holdings of FTX are unclear, despite previous reports indicating over 225 million XRP.


The $12 million transfer by FTX and Alameda likely reflects strategic asset management amid ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. This move impacts Binance and Wintermute and coincides with a 3.4% XRP price drop, suggesting market sensitivity to large transactions. This transfer, representing only 4.44% of their XRP holdings, signifies potential liquidity needs or restructuring efforts. Short-term, this might dampen investor sentiment, while long-term implications could influence future market dynamics and investor decisions.

Did You Know?

  • vBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin): vBTC is a tokenized version of Bitcoin allowing it to be used on blockchains where Bitcoin is not natively supported.
  • Wintermute: Wintermute is a leading algorithmic liquidity provider in the digital asset market, specializing in market making and liquidity solutions for cryptocurrencies.
  • WXRP (Wrapped XRP): WXRP is a tokenized form of XRP compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, enabling XRP holders to interact with Ethereum-based DeFi platforms and other decentralized applications.

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