GameStop Announces Plan to Sell 45 Million New Shares

GameStop Announces Plan to Sell 45 Million New Shares

Rafaela Santos
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GameStop Announces Plan to Sell 45 Million New Shares

GameStop and AMC Entertainment Emulate Meme Stock Frenzy in New Round of Capital Raises

In a surprising turn of events akin to the 2021 "meme stock" craze, GameStop has disclosed its intention to sell up to 45 million new shares, as reported in a filing with the US securities regulator. This decision follows a tumultuous week during which the video game retailer's stock experienced a substantial surge, nearly quadrupling in value before eventually dropping 19.9% to $22.21 in New York. If GameStop successfully sells all proposed shares at this price, it stands to amass approximately $1 billion. In parallel, AMC Entertainment, another key player in the earlier meme stock fervor, has also ventured into the market by converting close to $164 million of subordinated debt into newly issued stocks. These maneuvers indicate that both companies are capitalizing on the recent upswings in their share prices.

Key Takeaways

  • GameStop plans to sell up to 45 million new shares following a surge in its stock value.
  • This decision was influenced by a post from trader Keith Gill, best known as "Roaring Kitty."
  • GameStop forecasts a decline in Q1 net sales, with anticipated losses ranging from $27 million to $37 million.
  • AMC Entertainment, another meme stock, engaged in market activities as its share price soared.
  • Retail participation in GameStop trading significantly decreased after Roaring Kitty's post.


GameStop's proposal to issue 45 million new shares comes on the heels of a week marked by soaring stock prices, with the potential to generate $1 billion. This move, influenced by trader Keith Gill's post, seeks to capitalize on the echoes of the 2021 meme stock frenzy. AMC Entertainment, another meme stock, has similarly taken advantage of its soaring share price. The sale may lead to the dilution of existing shareholders, impacting their equity value. Additionally, retail involvement in GameStop trading has dwindled. In the long run, these actions could reshape the landscape of meme stocks, affecting individual investors and the broader market. These events may also prompt regulators to scrutinize the situation, potentially resulting in stricter regulations governing stock trading platforms popular among retail investors.

Did You Know?

  • Meme stock frenzy: A phenomenon that transpired in 2021, involving certain stocks, particularly GameStop and AMC Entertainment, experiencing extreme volatility due to fervent purchases by retail investors coordinating on social media platforms like Reddit. This resulted in substantial price hikes, often detached from the companies' financial well-being or performance.
  • Keith Gill ("Roaring Kitty"): A retail investor and former financial advisor who gained prominence during the meme stock frenzy for his optimistic stance on GameStop. Gill, under the alias "Roaring Kitty," produced videos on YouTube and social media, advocating for investments in the company and sharing his analysis, thereby contributing to the surge in GameStop's stock price.
  • Selling new shares (secondary offering): The process of issuing additional shares of a company's stock to raise capital. This dilutes existing shareholders' ownership percentage, but grants the company additional funds. In the case of GameStop, the sale of 45 million new shares has the potential to accumulate around $1 billion, which could be allocated for various purposes like debt repayment, expansion, or share buybacks.

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