General Motors Injects $850M into Cruise for Autonomous Vehicle Recovery

General Motors Injects $850M into Cruise for Autonomous Vehicle Recovery

Lorenzo Cardenas
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General Motors Invests $850 Million in Cruise to Revive Autonomous Vehicle Venture

General Motors has announced a substantial investment of $850 million in its autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise, following a critical accident that prompted a temporary suspension of its driverless taxi service. Despite facing a loss of $3.48 billion in 2023 and a total loss of $8.2 billion since 2017, GM is resolute in its commitment to Cruise, distinguishing itself from other automakers that have withdrawn from similar ventures. Cruise has initiated internal reforms, including a reshuffling of leadership and staff reductions, while also implementing safety improvements after recalling its entire fleet of 950 vehicles. The company is strategically expanding its testing operations, including locations in Houston, Phoenix, and Dallas, with initial human driver deployments before transitioning to autonomous mode under supervision.

Key Takeaways

  • General Motors injects $850 million into Cruise for operational stability post-serious accident.
  • Cruise incurred significant losses, totaling $8.2 billion for GM since 2017, with $3.48 billion in 2023 alone.
  • The company undertook a recall of 950 vehicles to update software after the incident.
  • Notable resignations were witnessed, including co-founders Kyle Vogt and Dan Kan.
  • Cruise is gradually resuming autonomous vehicle testing, incorporating human safety drivers in various US cities.


The $850 million investment in Cruise by General Motors underscores the inherent high-risk, high-reward nature of the autonomous vehicle sector, emphasizing GM's enduring dedication to autonomous technology despite substantial financial setbacks. This move has the potential to shape the strategies of other automakers and may lead to a cautious expansion within the autonomous vehicle market. The deliberate resumption of testing in new cities, with human oversight, signals a pivot towards prioritizing safety and regulatory compliance to bolster public trust and market sustainability.

Did You Know?

  • Autonomous Vehicle Subsidiary: Cruise is a subsidiary of General Motors, specializing in autonomous vehicle technology, where a subsidiary is a company owned or controlled by a parent company.
  • Robotaxi Service: These autonomous taxis operate without human drivers, utilizing advanced technologies for navigation and passenger transportation.
  • Leadership Reshuffle: This refers to significant changes in the executive leadership of a company, exemplified by the resignation of co-founders Kyle Vogt and Dan Kan at Cruise.

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