German Government Blocks Sale of MAN Energy Solutions' Gas Turbine Business to Chinese State-Owned Company Due to National Security Concerns

German Government Blocks Sale of MAN Energy Solutions' Gas Turbine Business to Chinese State-Owned Company Due to National Security Concerns

Nikolaus Müller
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German Government Blocks Sale of MAN Energy Solutions' Gas Turbine Business to Chinese State-Owned Company Due to National Security Concerns

The German government has intervened to prevent the sale of MAN Energy Solutions SE's gas turbine business to CSIC Longjiang GH Gas Turbine Co., Ltd., a state-owned Chinese shipbuilding company. The decision came amid concerns over national security, with Economy Minister Robert Habeck invoking the Foreign Trade and Payments Act to justify the move. This act allows the government to inhibit sales to non-EU entities that are deemed to threaten national security and public order. It reflects the government's commitment to safeguarding sensitive technologies from potential risks such as information leaks and external influences. Notably, the close ties between CSIC Longjiang and the Chinese military played a pivotal role in the government's decision-making process. MAN Energy Solutions, however, has expressed disagreement with the government's assessment of the turbine technology's military usage potential and has stated its intention to comply with the official decision once disclosed. CSIC Longjiang has yet to comment outside of its regular business hours in China.

Key Takeaways

  • The German government's intervention prevents the acquisition of MAN Energy Solutions' gas turbine business by CSIC Longjiang due to national security apprehensions.
  • CSIC Longjiang's plans to take over MAN's operations in Oberhausen and Zurich for innovative gas turbine development have been thwarted.
  • The decision, backed by the Foreign Trade and Payments Act, reflects Germany's resolve to safeguard critical technologies from non-EU entities.
  • The close association of CSIC Longjiang with the Chinese military significantly influenced the German government's rejection of the sale.
  • MAN Energy Solutions contests the government's view of the turbine technology's military applicability.


The interdiction by the German government signals heightened geopolitical tensions and national security concerns, impacting both MAN's expansion initiatives and CSIC Longjiang's technological progression. In the near term, MAN confronts operational disruptions, while CSIC Longjiang's growth trajectory faces impediments. On a broader scale, this development could precipitate more stringent EU regulations governing foreign acquisitions, thereby influencing the global technology transfer landscape. Moreover, the decision underscores a potential shift in Germany's approach to balancing economic interests with national security, potentially shaping the dynamics of future cross-border transactions involving critical technologies.

Did You Know?

  • Foreign Trade and Payments Act: The Foreign Trade and Payments Act is a German legislation empowering the government to regulate foreign trade and payments. It encompasses provisions that grant the government authority to obstruct or limit transactions posing national security or public order threats, particularly those involving non-EU entities.
  • CSIC Longjiang GH Gas Turbine Co., Ltd.: CSIC Longjiang GH Gas Turbine Co., Ltd. operates under the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), specializing in the development and manufacture of gas turbines crucial in various industrial and military domains. As a state-owned enterprise potentially linked to the Chinese military, its pursuit of sensitive technology such as gas turbines raises national security concerns in other nations.
  • MAN Energy Solutions SE: MAN Energy Solutions SE is a global leader in large-bore diesel engines and turbomachinery for marine and stationary applications. Its gas turbine business holds strategic significance owing to advanced technology and diverse applications in energy and defense sectors. The German government's intervention in intercepting the sale underscores the pivotal role of such technologies and the regulatory scrutiny governing cross-border transactions.

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