Gio Midtown Secures $147.7M Refinancing Deal in Miami

Gio Midtown Secures $147.7M Refinancing Deal in Miami

Lorenzo Vega
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Magellan Development Group Secures $147.7 Million Refinancing for Midtown Miami Tower

Hey there! I have an exciting update from Miami. The Magellan Development Group, in partnership with others, has successfully secured a refinancing deal worth $147.7 million for their impressive 32-story tower in Midtown Miami. Referred to as Gio Midtown, this establishment comprises 447 apartments and various retail spaces, including a Trader Joe’s located on the ground floor.

The loan has been provided by PGIM Real Estate, a branch of Prudential, with support from J.P. Morgan Asset Management, who served as advisors throughout the loan process. Gio Midtown has been a prominent feature since 2020, offering a diverse range of apartment sizes with rents spanning from $2,422 to $8,193 per month.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the challenging lending climate in South Florida. Despite prevailing higher interest rates, this success reflects the continued support for prime properties in undertaking substantial financial ventures. Notably, this comes in the wake of another firm securing an $80 million refinancing for a condo-hotel in Fort Lauderdale last month.

Key Takeaways

  • Magellan Development Group successfully secures $147.7 million refinancing for their Midtown Miami tower.
  • PGIM Real Estate provides the fixed-rate loan for Gio Midtown, a 32-story mixed-use building.
  • Gio Midtown encompasses 447 apartments and 38,000 square feet of retail space, featuring a Trader Joe’s.
  • The monthly rental rates at Gio Midtown range from $2,422 to $8,193.
  • J.P. Morgan Asset Management played a pivotal role in advising the ownership group in obtaining the loan.


The decision by Magellan Development Group to refinance Gio Midtown in the midst of a challenging lending environment underscores the resilience within prime real estate markets. The involvement of PGIM Real Estate and J.P. Morgan Asset Management serves as a testament to the confidence in Miami's property sector. This move not only aids in stabilizing Magellan's financial position in the short term but also positions Gio Midtown for potential expansion or upgrades in the long term. This success may also exert pressure on competitors to secure comparable funding, thereby influencing market dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Magellan Development Group: Magellan Development Group is renowned for its large-scale, mixed-use projects within major urban areas. They specialize in creating integrated communities featuring residential, commercial, and retail spaces, predominantly within high-rise buildings.
  • PGIM Real Estate: PGIM Real Estate is the real estate investment and financing arm of Prudential Financial, Inc. It offers a wide array of real estate services, including asset management, investment management, and financing solutions for commercial properties. The entity is acknowledged for its expertise in both debt and equity investments across diverse real estate sectors.
  • J.P. Morgan Asset Management: J.P. Morgan Asset Management, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co., provides global investment management across major asset classes such as equities, fixed income, real estate, and hedge funds. In the context of this news, they utilized their expertise to assist the ownership group in securing the refinancing loan for the Gio Midtown tower.

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