Goldman Sachs Raises Cameco's Stock Price Target to $56

Goldman Sachs Raises Cameco's Stock Price Target to $56

Marcela Delgado
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Goldman Sachs Raises Cameco's Stock Price Target, Reflecting Positive Outlook for Uranium Market

Goldman Sachs has raised Cameco's stock price target to $56, indicating a 15.7% upside, following a Q1 loss. Despite the loss, Cameco, a prominent global uranium miner, has seen its shares rise nearly 80% over the past year. The company also missed its Q1 sales guidance but maintained its full-year expectations.

The shift towards secure, non-Russian uranium sources for nuclear energy amid the global energy transition is contributing to Cameco's favorable market position. The U.S. Senate's ban on Russian low-enriched uranium imports by 2028 and the growing demand for uranium as a reliable and carbon-free energy source are further bolstering Cameco's prospects.

Neil Mehta of Goldman Sachs remains bullish on Cameco, citing likely volume and price benefits for the company.

Key Takeaways

  • Goldman Sachs increased Cameco's stock price target to $56, reflecting a positive outlook for the company and the uranium market as a whole.
  • Despite facing a Q1 loss, Cameco has shown significant share price growth over the past year, indicating investor confidence in the company's future performance.
  • The global energy transition and geopolitical shifts are driving the demand for secure, non-Russian uranium sources, benefitting companies like Cameco.
  • While Cameco's Q1 sales missed guidance, the company's maintenance of its full-year expectations signals confidence in the long-term growth of the uranium market.


Goldman Sachs' upward revision of Cameco's stock price target underscores the increasing demand for secure, non-Russian uranium sources in response to geopolitical shifts and the global energy transition. Despite the Q1 sales miss, Cameco's steadfast maintenance of its annual projection indicates a positive outlook for market growth.

The geopolitical tensions and legislative changes are likely to cause supply disruptions for countries and organizations dependent on Russian uranium. This could potentially drive investment in uranium mining and nuclear energy projects, influencing governments, businesses, and financial instruments tied to the sector.

The liberalization of the uranium market, coupled with the transition towards clean energy, is creating new opportunities for established players like Cameco.

Did You Know?

  • Cameco: A leading global uranium mining company based in Canada, accounting for approximately 17% of the world's uranium production and operating in multiple countries.
  • Uranium price target: Goldman Sachs' adjustment of Cameco's stock price target to $56 signifies their projected growth for the stock price, anticipating a 15.7% increase from its current level.
  • Geopolitical shifts and non-Russian uranium sources: The global energy transition and political tensions have driven a heightened focus on secure, non-Russian uranium sources, subsequently benefitting companies like Cameco as the demand for uranium from reliable producers grows. Additionally, the U.S. Senate's ban on Russian low-enriched uranium imports further strengthens Cameco's market position.

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