Great Wall Motor Closes European HQ Due to EV Market Challenges

Great Wall Motor Closes European HQ Due to EV Market Challenges

Lars Johansson
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Great Wall Motor Closes European Headquarters in Munich, Impacting the Electric Vehicle Market

Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motor is shutting down its European headquarters in Munich, resulting in the departure of around 100 employees. This decision is attributed to the challenging electric vehicle (EV) market and the potential imposition of EU tariffs. The company is under scrutiny in an ongoing EU anti-subsidy investigation, which could lead to higher import tariffs on Chinese-made vehicles. The decline in demand for EVs after subsidy reductions in countries like Germany and France has further exacerbated the situation. In 2023, Great Wall Motors sold approximately 6,300 cars in Europe, accounting for about 2% of its total exports. As a result, the company's operations in China will now provide support to its European distributors while reevaluating the EV market in the region.

Key Takeaways

  • Great Wall Motor Co. closing European HQ in Munich in August
  • Around 100 employees facing layoffs due to a challenging EV market
  • Potential threat of higher import tariffs from the EU due to an anti-subsidy investigation
  • Cooling demand for EVs and subsidy cuts impacting Chinese manufacturers
  • Shift of operations to China to support European distributors and explore new markets


The closure of Great Wall Motor's EU headquarters underscores the adverse impact of subsidy cuts in Germany and France and the potential EU tariffs resulting from an anti-subsidy investigation. Approximately 100 employees will be affected, and the shift to China operations for support may strain European distributors. The slowdown in the EV market, especially for Chinese manufacturers, will have immediate consequences such as reduced market share, along with potential long-term effects, including the reassessment of strategies for entering the European market. Concurrently, EU countries and automotive industries may experience decreased revenue and job losses, while rival electric vehicle manufacturers could capitalize on the situation to expand their presence.

Did You Know?

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Market: It pertains to the market for vehicles powered by electricity, distinct from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The EV market is rapidly expanding due to the growing demand for low-emission vehicles and advancements in battery technology. However, it is fiercely competitive, with established automakers like Tesla and new entrants like Rivian and NIO competing for market share.
  • Anti-subsidy Investigation: This involves a government or regulatory body examining whether a company or industry has received illicit subsidies from another government. In this instance, the European Union is investigating whether Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, including Great Wall Motor, have received illegal subsidies from the Chinese government. If proven, the EU may impose higher import tariffs on Chinese-made vehicles to ensure fairness.
  • Import Tariffs: These are taxes levied on goods imported from one country to another. Governments utilize import tariffs to safeguard domestic industries, generate revenue, or deter the importation of specific goods. In the context of this news, the European Union is contemplating imposing higher import tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles due to the ongoing anti-subsidy investigation. This could potentially reduce Great Wall Motor's profits and market share by making its vehicles more expensive in Europe.

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