Greenko Group secures $743M credit line for renewable projects

Greenko Group secures $743M credit line for renewable projects

Marcelo Fernandez
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Greenko Group Secures Significant Financial Boost from NaBFID

Greenko Group, a key player in India's renewable energy sector, has obtained a substantial $743 million credit line from the National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development (NaBFID). This funding aims to refinance the company's dollar bonds due for maturity in 2025. By transitioning to local currency loans, Greenko seeks to alleviate the cost of its debt, which currently poses higher expenses in dollar terms.

The loan, based on the NaBFID Lending Rate, presents maturities extending up to 23 years, offering Greenko more favorable financing conditions. This strategic maneuver aligns with Greenko's broader financial strategy to enhance its financial health and secure more affordable funding for its upcoming projects.

The immediate funding requirements for Greenko include $1.25 billion for hydro storage projects and potential refinancing of nearly $1 billion at Sikkim Urja. The new credit line from NaBFID, a government-backed infrastructure lender, holds paramount importance in addressing these needs and supports India's focus on sustainable energy projects as part of its economic growth agenda.

Key Takeaways

  • Greenko secures $743 million from NaBFID to refinance dollar bonds.
  • Loan linked to NaBFID Lending Rate aims to reduce expensive dollar debt.
  • Greenko needs $1.25 billion for hydro storage projects and may refinance $1 billion at Sikkim Urja.
  • Credit line provides liquidity and improves financial health.
  • NaBFID supports sustainable energy projects in India's economic growth.


Greenko Group's acquisition of a $743 million credit line from NaBFID, intended for refinancing dollar bonds, underscores India's dedication to sustainable energy. This move diminishes Greenko's debt costs and bolsters its financial stability, crucial for funding hydro storage projects and refinancing at Sikkim Urja. The enduring loan structure supports Greenko's strategic financial health enhancements. This development yields a positive impact on India's renewable energy sector, aligning with national economic growth objectives.

Did You Know?

  • NaBFID Lending Rate: The National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development (NaBFID) Lending Rate is a benchmark interest rate set by NaBFID, tailored specifically for loans extended to infrastructure and development projects in India. This rate is designed to offer competitive and stable financing terms, reflecting the bank's mandate to support long-term infrastructure financing in the country.
  • Hydro Storage Projects: Hydro storage projects refer to energy storage systems that utilize the potential energy of water stored at a height, typically in reservoirs. These projects involve the construction of dams or other water retaining structures to store water, which can then be released to drive turbines and generate electricity during periods of high demand or when renewable energy production is low. This technology is crucial for balancing the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
  • Sikkim Urja: Sikkim Urja likely references a power utility or energy project in the state of Sikkim, India. Given the context of Greenko's funding needs, it could be a specific hydroelectric or renewable energy project or a state-owned entity responsible for energy management and development in Sikkim. The mention of potential refinancing at Sikkim Urja implies that this entity or project is significant in Greenko's portfolio and strategic plans for renewable energy expansion in the region.

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