Gresham House Ventures Invests £10M in Accredit Solutions

Gresham House Ventures Invests £10M in Accredit Solutions

Fabio Costa
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UK Asset Management Group Invests £10M in SaaS Platform Accredit Solutions

Gresham House Ventures, a UK-based asset management group, has made a substantial investment of £10 million in Accredit Solutions, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Accredit Solutions' platform focuses on automating and simplifying labor-intensive tasks, enhancing operational efficiency, and bolstering security measures. Notably, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, such as personnel security level setting, data registration, document collection, badge printing, and access control. The company has earned international recognition since its establishment in 2017, particularly in the sporting and major event accreditation domain, catering to clients across diverse industries including consumer, healthcare, and services. The infusion of funds will facilitate the global expansion and strategic market penetration of Accredit Solutions, with Matt Mead from Gresham House Ventures expected to join the board. Both parties express enthusiasm about the partnership and foresee significant growth opportunities within the interconnected sports and live event industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Gresham House Ventures invests £10M in SaaS platform Accredit Solutions
  • Accredit Solutions offers automation of labor-intensive tasks, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced security
  • Platform suitable for various industries, with clients such as The Football Association and Kansas City Chiefs
  • Investment to drive expansion and strategic market penetration, with Gresham House Ventures partner joining the board
  • Accredit Solutions well-placed for global growth in interconnected sports and live event industry


The £10 million investment by Gresham House Ventures in Accredit Solutions is poised to amplify the SaaS platform's global expansion and market penetration, particularly within the interconnected sports and live event industry. This strategic move is expected to advance Accredit Solutions' product development and service delivery, potentially expanding its client base. The investment stands to benefit Gresham House Ventures by yielding anticipated returns and securing board representation, while stimulating job creation and potentially fostering growth in the UK tech sector. Nonetheless, the investment may encounter challenges posed by competitors and evolving regulations. In the long run, this partnership could accelerate the industry-wide adoption of automation and data-driven security solutions.

Did You Know?

  • SaaS platform: A software delivery model where applications are hosted by a third-party provider and made accessible to customers over the internet. SaaS platforms offer various benefits, including cost savings, scalability, and easy accessibility. Accredit Solutions provides a SaaS platform focusing on automating labor-intensive tasks, enhancing operational efficiency, and bolstering security for its clients.
  • Labor-intensive tasks automation: This entails leveraging technology to perform tasks traditionally carried out by humans, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and minimized errors. Accredit Solutions' platform automates various tasks, such as setting personnel security levels, data registration, document collection, badge printing, and access control, streamlining operational management for clients.
  • Interconnected sports and live event industry: It is characterized by the interdependence among various stakeholders, including event organizers, teams, sponsors, and attendees, for successful events. Growth opportunities in this industry stem from the incorporation of technology to improve operational efficiency, fan experiences, and security measures. Gresham House Ventures and Accredit Solutions are poised to capitalize on this potential by pursuing global expansion and strategic market penetration within this interconnected sector.

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