Chinese Haidilao Debuts on Nasdaq

Chinese Haidilao Debuts on Nasdaq

Yuan Liang
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Chinese Hot Pot Chain Tiandi International (HDL) Makes Nasdaq Debut

On May 18, 2024, Tiandi International (HDL), the overseas business company of the popular seafood hotpot chain Haidilao, entered the Nasdaq Stock Market with American Depositary Shares (ADS) priced at $19.56, reflecting a decrease of approximately 9.80% from the previous day's closing price. Before its separation from Haidilao in December 2022, Tiandi International was responsible for managing Haidilao's international operations. The ADS surged by 43.98% to $28.95 at the opening, eventually settling at $22.29, signifying a 13.96% increase by the closing bell. Meanwhile, Haidilao's shares in Hong Kong concluded at 17.36 HKD, marking a 2.48% rise. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved Tiandi International's request for ADS issuance on May 16. To gain access to the latest company stock trends, personnel changes, and other investment insights, consider subscribing to the Financial Times database.

Key Takeaways

  • Specialty Restaurant Brands (SRB), which encompasses the international business of Haidilao, made its debut on NASDAQ with ADS priced at $19.56.
  • SRB's ADS experienced a notable surge of 43.98% to $28.95 on the first day of trading before settling at $22.29, representing a commendable 13.96% increase.
  • Following its spin-off from Haidilao in December 2022, SRB's ADS listing aimed to raise a minimum of $0.53 billion.
  • The company has strategic plans to expand in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, leveraging its successful turnaround in the first half of 2023.
  • SRB's growth potential and Haidilao's prominence in the Chinese market have contributed to its successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the US.


The spin-off and NASDAQ debut of Haidilao's international business, Tiandi International (HDL), signifies a strategic endeavor to broaden its presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Despite the ADS being priced lower than anticipated, the notable surge of 43.98% on the first day and a 13.96% increase at the close above the offering price, indicate a robust investor conviction. This successful IPO builds on the renown of Haidilao and underscores the growing appeal of niche restaurant brands in the US market.

Financial institutions, particularly those involved in underwriting or investing in HDL's ADS, are positioned to benefit from this venture. Additionally, countries with a substantial presence of Haidilao's target markets, such as the UAE, Thailand, and Indonesia, may witness increased tourism and local investments.

The decisive factors include Haidilao's strategic focus on international growth and the overall positive outlook for niche restaurant brands. Potential consequences encompass heightened competition in the global hot pot market and probable market saturation in the targeted regions.

In the long term, HDL's success might prompt other Chinese restaurant chains to explore international listings, thereby fueling competition and growth in the global foodservice industry.

Did You Know?

  • ADS (American Depositary Shares): ADS are a form of equity share purchased by US-based investors for companies located outside of the US. They are traded on American stock exchanges similar to regular stocks but represent a specified number of shares in a foreign corporation. In this case, the ADS for Tiandi International (HDL) are priced at $19.56 each, representing a specific number of shares in the Chinese hot pot chain Haidilao's international business.
  • Spin-off (Tiandi International from Haidilao): A spin-off is a corporate action in which a company (Haidilao, in this case) creates a new, independent company (Tiandi International) from a division, a subsidiary, or a segment of its business. This new company then becomes a separate entity, with its own management, board of directors, and stock ticker symbol. The purpose of a spin-off is to unlock value for shareholders, as the new company can potentially grow and increase in value more rapidly than the parent company.
  • IPO (Initial Public Offering): An IPO denotes the first sale of stock by a company to the public. It serves as a means for companies to raise capital by selling shares of ownership in the company to investors on a stock exchange. The IPO process involves regulatory filings, underwriting, and marketing efforts. In this instance, Tiandi International (HDL) raised a minimum of $0.53 billion through its IPO on the NASDAQ stock exchange, enabling the expansion of its operations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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