Hermetica Unveils USDh: The First Bitcoin-Backed Synthetic Dollar

Hermetica Unveils USDh: The First Bitcoin-Backed Synthetic Dollar

Dariusz Novaković
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Hermetica Launches Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin, USDh to Revolutionize DeFi Landscape

Hermetica, a leading DeFi protocol on Bitcoin, has unveiled USDh, the first-ever Bitcoin-backed synthetic dollar, set to make its debut next month. USDh is poised to provide a substantial yield of up to 25%, empowering Bitcoin holders to earn significant returns while remaining embedded within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This innovative solution is geared towards addressing the inflation concerns of crypto enthusiasts, allowing them to seamlessly hold dollars and engage with digital assets, all within the secure confines of the Bitcoin blockchain, with the added support of Two Prime, an SEC-registered institutional asset manager. Early access to USDh can be secured by joining the waiting list on Hermetica's official website.

Key Takeaways

  • Hermetica introduces USDh, the first BTC-backed stablecoin, offering an impressive yield of up to 25% and seamless integration with the existing Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Aims to enable Bitcoin users to hold USD and earn yields while operating within the Bitcoin blockchain, backed by Two Prime, an SEC-registered institutional asset manager.
  • USDh promises robust yield, institutional risk controls, and superior collateral management, all set to influence the DeFi and stablecoin landscape significantly.


The launch of USDh by Hermetica is anticipated to trigger a substantial impact on the DeFi and stablecoin industry. This development is likely to entice Bitcoin holders to explore DeFi opportunities, potentially propelling the adoption of DeFi and Bitcoin within decentralized finance. Additionally, the support from market veterans and Two Prime enhances its credibility, attracting institutional investors towards this innovative asset.

In the short term, heightened demand for USDh may result in an appreciation of its value. However, it may also draw regulatory scrutiny as central banks and governments assess its potential implications on monetary policies. In the long run, this launch could bring about a shift in stablecoin and DeFi dominance, elevating the status of Bitcoin-backed stablecoins, leading to increased competition and innovation within the space.

Did You Know?

  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Protocol on Bitcoin: Hermetica is pioneering a DeFi protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain, offering an alternative form of finance without the reliance on traditional financial intermediaries, potentially revolutionizing DeFi within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin (USDh): USDh, a stablecoin backed by Bitcoin reserves, presents an innovative alternative for crypto enthusiasts seeking a store of value while leveraging the security of the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Two Prime, SEC-Registered Institutional Asset Manager: The involvement of Two Prime, an SEC-registered institutional asset manager, solidifies the credibility of Hermetica's vision and showcases growing recognition of DeFi and Bitcoin-related projects among established financial entities. This involvement has the potential to legitimize the crypto space, attracting more institutional investors and driving further innovation in the industry.

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