Hines and Trez Capital Secure $108M Loan in Dallas-Fort Worth

Hines and Trez Capital Secure $108M Loan in Dallas-Fort Worth

Pablo Martinez
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$108M Loan Secured for Self-Storage Portfolio in Dallas-Fort Worth Signals Robust Market Demand

In a significant development for the self-storage market, Hines and Trez Capital have successfully obtained a $108 million loan for a 13-property portfolio in Dallas-Fort Worth from New York Life Real Estate Investors. This deal, comprising a five-year, fixed-rate loan with interest-only payments and prepayment flexibility, underscores the strong market demand. The economic growth in the DFW metroplex has spurred an increased need for self-storage facilities, with over 80,000 people making the move in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Hines & Trez Capital secure $108M loan for 13-property self-storage portfolio in Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Loan from New York Life Real Estate Investors includes interest-only payments & prepayment flexibility.
  • DFW's self-storage development booms with 2.6M sq ft expected by year-end despite normalizing vacancy rates.
  • Economic growth & migration drive self-storage demand in DFW, with 80,000+ people relocating in 2024.
  • Anticipated vacancy rate normalization & rent adjustments require strategic foresight in the market.


The large loan acquired by Hines and Trez Capital for a self-storage portfolio in Dallas-Fort Worth reflects the substantial confidence of investors in the economic growth of the DFW metroplex and the rising demand for self-storage. This demand, driven by continuous migration and economic expansion, has resulted in over 80,000 individuals relocating to DFW in 2024. Consequently, firms like Hines and Trez Capital stand to gain from this trend. Nevertheless, addressing the normalization of vacancy rates and rent adjustments will necessitate strategic foresight from market participants. Entities such as New York Life Real Estate Investors and other financial institutions are indirectly affected as they offer the essential funding for such developments. Countries and regions with significant population outflows to DFW might confront oversupply challenges in their own self-storage markets.

Did You Know?

  • Hines & Trez Capital: These are real estate firms that have secured a substantial loan for a self-storage portfolio. Hines is a global entity engaged in real estate investment, development, and management, while Trez Capital is a privately held firm specializing in real estate investment.
  • $108 million loan: This substantial financing for a real estate project underscores confidence in the Dallas-Fort Worth self-storage market. The characteristics of the loan, such as a five-year fixed rate, interest-only payments, and prepayment flexibility, exemplify the strong appeal of this investment opportunity.
  • DFW self-storage development: The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is witnessing a surge in self-storage development, with an estimated completion of 2.6 million square feet by the end of 2024. This growth is fueled by economic factors, including heightened demand due to population growth and migration.

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