Hong Kong's Ambitious Plans to Attract Global Talents

Hong Kong's Ambitious Plans to Attract Global Talents

Ling Wei Chen
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Hong Kong Attracts Over 120,000 Global Talents, Aims to Become Hub

In a recent announcement, Sun Yubao, Hong Kong's Labor and Welfare Secretary, disclosed that the region has successfully attracted over 120,000 talents since the launch of its "talent-attracting" programs in late 2022. The Hong Kong-Global Talents Summit emphasized the government's keenness to draw global talents, particularly from Southeast Asia and Europe, in the coming years. Sun also highlighted plans to intensify promotional efforts and enhance the integration of overseas talents into the local community, reinforcing Hong Kong's goal to establish itself as a powerhouse for global talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 120,000 global talents have settled in Hong Kong since the inception of its talent-attracting programs in 2022.
  • The government is actively pursuing global talents, focusing on individuals from Southeast Asia and Europe.


The catalytic impact of the Hong Kong government's talent-attracting initiatives, launched in late 2022, has steered the influx of over 120,000 talents into the region. This targeted approach, geared towards Southeast Asia and Europe, is poised to magnify Hong Kong's global competitiveness and innovative prowess. In the immediate term, a surge in foreign talent inflow is projected, igniting economic expansion and diversification across industries. However, challenges may emerge related to integration, cultural disparities, and potential labor market disruptions.

Long-term transformations positioning Hong Kong as a global talent epicenter could galvanize other Asian cities to follow suit, heightening regional rivalries. Enhanced human capital may foster innovation and economic growth, benefiting financial institutions and enterprises. Nevertheless, local workforces might encounter heightened competition, necessitating upskilling and adaptability. Addressing these challenges is crucial for ensuring sustained success and societal coherence.

Did You Know?

  • Talent-attracting programs: Hong Kong's initiatives to attract skilled professionals and workers from across the world through incentives such as tax benefits, streamlined immigration procedures, and settlement support services.
  • Hong Kong-Global Talents Summit: A platform for the Hong Kong government to engage with global talents, showcase opportunities, and cultivate collaborations across various domains.
  • Facilitating integration of overseas talents: Measures aimed at aiding foreign professionals in transitioning into the local community and work environment, encompassing language support, cultural orientation, and assistance in finding housing, schools, and networking opportunities.

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