Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Outflows

Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Outflows

Lucia Chen
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Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Face Significant Outflows

On Monday, the newly launched Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong encountered substantial outflows, which nullified the gains accrued over the previous fortnight. The Bitcoin ETFs, namely AMC, Harvest, and Bosera, saw outflows of $15.5 million, $9.8 million, and $7.4 million correspondingly. Concurrently, the Ethereum ETFs by the same companies experienced outflows of up to $3 million each. Despite the regulatory hurdles confronting Asian investors, Hong Kong's ETFs garnered positive sentiment, as many aspired for digital currency to gain broader acceptance. However, the underperformance of these ETFs, possibly attributed to the current stagnation in the price index of digital currencies, raises apprehensions about their viability as legitimate investment tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs witnessed significant outflows, erasing gains from the prior two weeks.
  • American ETFs exhibited a net inflow of $66 million on the same day as Hong Kong's outflows.
  • AMC, Harvest, and Bosera, the Hong Kong-based Bitcoin ETFs, reported respective outflows of $15.5M, $9.8M, and $7.4M.
  • The Ethereum ETFs by these same companies saw outflows of $3M, $3M, and $0.6M.
  • The poor performance of Hong Kong's crypto ETFs may be linked to the stagnant price index of digital currencies.


The substantial outflows from Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs signify a potential erosion of trust in these investment vehicles, which could impact regional investors and diminish Hong Kong's standing as a digital asset center. This development might trigger heightened scrutiny of crypto ETFs and prompt regulatory assessments. Meanwhile, American crypto ETFs registered net inflows, underscoring diverging investor sentiments between the two markets. The immediate repercussions include potential financial losses for investors and reduced market liquidity. Over the long term, this situation could foster the growth of alternative investment instruments, shaping the future of crypto investing and its regulatory framework.

Did You Know?

  • ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds): These are investment funds traded on stock exchanges, comparable to individual stocks. They enable investors to pool their resources to purchase a diversified portfolio of assets, such as stocks, bonds, or commodities. In this context, the ETFs track the price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing investors to gain exposure to these digital currencies without directly owning them.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum: These are two of the most prominent and extensively used digital currencies worldwide. Bitcoin, introduced in 2009, was the first decentralized digital currency, while Ethereum was launched in 2015. Both these digital currencies utilize blockchain technology to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries like banks.
  • Outflows and Inflows: With respect to ETFs, outflows denote the amount of money withdrawn by investors from the fund, while inflows indicate the money invested in the fund. When outflows surpass inflows, as in the case of Hong Kong's Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, the fund's assets under management decrease, potentially leading to a decline in the fund's share price. Conversely, when inflows exceed outflows, the fund's assets under management increase, potentially resulting in an upsurge in the fund's share price.

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