ICONIQ Growth Raises $5.75 Billion for Tech Investments

ICONIQ Growth Raises $5.75 Billion for Tech Investments

Izumi Takahashi
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ICONIQ Growth Raises $5.75 Billion, Exceeding Fund VI Target

ICONIQ Growth, the venture arm of ICONIQ Capital, has successfully raised $5.75 billion across two funds, surpassing its previous target, according to SEC filings and a source familiar with the firm. This substantial increase from its Fund VI target of $3.75 billion has demonstrated the firm's exceptional fundraising capabilities in the current market. Notably, this achievement stands in contrast to other large-growth investors like Tiger Global, which have encountered challenges in meeting their fundraising objectives.

ICONIQ Growth's investment strategy has been instrumental in its success, as it has actively sought secondary positions and has witnessed numerous exits from its portfolio in recent years, including the IPOs of Snowflake, Airbnb, and GitLab. With its Fund VII set to invest in 20-25 tech companies, ICONIQ Growth is poised for further growth and influence in the venture capital landscape, as revealed by the New Mexico State Investment Council.

Key Takeaways

  • ICONIQ Growth raises $5.75 billion across two funds, exceeding Fund VI target.
  • Tiger Global's latest venture capital fund raises $2.2 billion, significantly less than planned.
  • ICONIQ Growth's investment strategy appears successful, with several portfolio company exits and investments.
  • ICONIQ Growth has been shopping for secondary positions, unlike Tiger Global which has sold secondary stakes.
  • ICONIQ Growth's Fund VII will invest in 20-25 tech companies, with Fund VII-B raising $3.95 billion.


The successful capital raise of $5.75 billion by ICONIQ Growth underscores its strategic focus on secondary positions and its proven track record of portfolio exits, setting them apart from struggling firms like Tiger Global. This development is likely to reshape the venture capital landscape, solidifying ICONIQ's reputation and potentially inspiring other investors to adopt similar strategies. Moreover, the influx of capital empowers ICONIQ Growth to intensify competition for deals and drive up valuations in the tech industry. Consequently, tech firms seeking funding may find opportunities in ICONIQ's increased resources, while other growth investors may need to adjust their strategies to remain competitive.

Did You Know?

  • Venture Arm of ICONIQ Capital: ICONIQ Capital functions as a global multi-family office and merchant bank, offering financial advisory, investment management, and direct investment services to ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. Its venture arm, ICONIQ Growth, is specifically focused on growth-stage technology investments.
  • $5.75 Billion Across Two Funds: ICONIQ Growth has successfully raised $5.75 billion through two funds. Fundraising involves the collection of capital from various sources such as high net worth individuals, pension funds, endowments, and other institutional investors, which is then invested in various portfolio companies. In this case, ICONIQ Growth's two funds will be utilized to invest in 20-25 tech companies.
  • Secondary Positions: This term refers to investments made in existing shares of a company, as opposed to purchasing new shares issued by the company in a primary offering. ICONIQ Growth has actively pursued secondary positions, indicating an interest in companies that have already raised capital through other means. This strategy offers several advantages, such as reduced risk, lower valuation, and immediate cash flow.

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