Ikea's Virtual Store in Roblox Offers Real-World Employment Experience and Wages

Ikea's Virtual Store in Roblox Offers Real-World Employment Experience and Wages

Sofia Janssen
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Ikea's Virtual Store in Roblox Offers Real-World Employment Experience and Wages

Ikea is scheduled to launch a virtual store in Roblox on June 24, where player-employees in the UK will receive real-world wages of approximately $16 per hour. The game, known as "The Co-Worker Game," enables participants to simulate working at Ikea by answering unconventional interview questions. Content creators have been actively sharing their application encounters online, emphasizing the distinct and humorous aspects of the virtual job. This endeavor is aimed at engaging Ikea's online fanbase and assessing its potential translation into real-world employment interest. Furthermore, the game presents an opportunity for young developers to earn genuine income, addressing the prevalent issue of limited earnings for Gen Z on the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Ikea is opening a virtual store in Roblox, hiring real employees at $16 per hour.
  • The Co-Worker Game on Roblox allows player-employees to experience working at Ikea.
  • Applicants answer quirky questions like "If you were a pixelated Ikea furniture, what would you be?"
  • The game taps into Ikea's online fandom, aiming to translate fan love into real job interest.
  • Earning real money in Roblox could be a significant draw for young developers and players.


Ikea's introduction of a virtual store in Roblox that offers real-world wages could have a substantial impact on the gaming community and employment dynamics. This move not only engages Ikea's online fanbase but also addresses the financial needs of young developers, who have historically received low compensation in virtual economies. The initiative may inspire other brands to explore similar models, potentially reshaping the landscape of virtual employment and brand interaction. In the short term, it enhances Ikea's digital presence and appeal to the youth demographic, while in the long run, it has the potential to redefine how companies approach recruitment and how virtual platforms monetize user engagement.

Did You Know?

  • Roblox: An online platform and game creation system popular among younger demographics, particularly Gen Z, known for its user-generated content and virtual economy where creators can monetize their games and items.
  • Virtual Store in Roblox: A digital representation of a physical store or business within the Roblox platform, simulating the experience of working at the represented establishment.
  • Real-World Wages in Virtual Platforms: Ikea's initiative offers genuine income to player-employees, blurring the lines between virtual and real economies and creating a new income stream within a gaming platform.

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