Indian PM Modi Meets Russian President Putin in Moscow

Indian PM Modi Meets Russian President Putin in Moscow

Vikram Singh
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Indian Prime Minister Modi to Meet with Russian President Putin in Moscow

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, representing Modi's first international bilateral trip following his recent reelection. This also marks his first visit to the Kremlin since Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The agenda includes a review of various bilateral matters ranging from defense and trade to investment and energy cooperation, with both leaders aiming to bolster their "traditionally friendly relations" and address international issues.

Russia and India will also evaluate their engagements in multilateral groupings such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, G20, BRICS, United Nations, and East Asia Summit. Among the crucial topics for discussion is the early discharge of Indian nationals who were misled into serving in the Russian army, following the uncovering of a significant human trafficking network since March.

Modi's upcoming meeting with Putin follows his participation in the G7 summit in Italy, during which the bloc committed to funding Ukraine's war against Russia with profits from frozen Kremlin assets. Despite India's neutral stance on the conflict, the country has condemned the early killing of civilians without attributing blame to Russia, while urging both parties to bring an end to the war.

Key Takeaways

  • Narendra Modi's upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin underscores efforts to strengthen India-Russia relations amid international dynamics.
  • The agenda includes discussions on defense, trade, investment, energy cooperation, and the early discharge of Indian nationals misled into serving in the Russian army.


The significance of Modi's visit to Moscow, against the backdrop of geopolitical tensions and regional dynamics, highlights the intricate nature of India's foreign policy and its diversified diplomatic engagements. The increasing bilateral trade and historical security cooperation underscore the depth of the bond between India and Russia, despite the broader global dynamics at play.

Did You Know?

India's decision to skip the Shanghai Cooperation Organization amid tensions with China reflects the complex web of regional dynamics shaping India's foreign policy decisions.

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