Industry Ventures Raises $900 Million Fund for Emerging Managers and Growth-Stage Companies

Industry Ventures Raises $900 Million Fund for Emerging Managers and Growth-Stage Companies

Luisa Martinez
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Industry Ventures Raises $900 Million Fund for Early-Stage Investments

In a challenging venture fundraising landscape for smaller funds, Industry Ventures breaks the mold by unveiling a substantial new fund. The 24-year-old firm recently announced a $900 million early-stage hybrid fund. This fund aims to bolster emerging managers and growth-stage companies, marking its seventh fund and exceeding the previous $575 million fund from 2021 by over 50%.

The sizable $900 million fund will be distributed across three key areas. Forty percent will go to VC funds, another forty percent to direct investments in Series B startups, and the remaining twenty percent will be allocated to acquiring stakes in emerging investment firms from other LPs. Notably, despite the obstacles faced by emerging managers seeking to raise funds, Roland Reynolds, senior managing director at Industry Ventures, emphasizes the overall success of the managers they support, albeit acknowledging the extended timelines involved.

Key Takeaways

  • Industry Ventures raises $900 million hybrid fund for early-stage investments.
  • Fund targets support for emerging managers and growth-stage companies, with a split: 40% to VC funds, 40% to Series B startups, and 20% to secondary interests.
  • Despite market challenges, Industry Ventures witnesses success in fundraising among the managers they support.
  • The firm focuses on investing in established managers with fund sizes up to $250 million, concentrating on seed and Series A startups.
  • Direct investments include checks ranging from $2 million to $12 million for Series B companies like Relay and Cobot.


Industry Ventures' $900 million fund showcases resilience in the venture capital landscape, counteracting broader fundraising hurdles. This move presents an opportunity to strengthen emerging managers and Series B startups, potentially reshaping market dynamics by injecting substantial capital into these sectors. In the short term, competitors may face intensified fundraising pressure, while in the long term, Industry Ventures might solidify its role as a leading investor in early-stage tech. This bold expansion could prompt adjustments in financial strategies among larger LPs and other market players.

Did You Know?

  • Emerging Managers:
    • Emerging managers refer to relatively new or smaller venture capital (VC) firms that are just starting out or have not yet established a significant track record. These firms often encounter challenges in fundraising due to their limited history and lower credibility compared to established firms. Industry Ventures supports these emerging managers by investing in their funds, aiding them in gaining traction and building their portfolios.
  • Secondary VC Investments:
    • Secondary VC investments involve the acquisition of existing stakes in venture capital funds or direct investments in companies from other limited partners (LPs). This strategic approach allows Industry Ventures to access a diversified portfolio of assets without directly investing in new startups or funds. Moreover, it provides liquidity to LPs who may seek to divest their positions without disrupting the underlying investments.
  • Series B Startups:
    • Series B startups are companies that have surpassed the initial seed and Series A funding rounds. Typically, these companies have validated their product-market fit and are scaling their operations. Industry Ventures targets these growth-stage companies for direct investments, offering them capital to expand their businesses, enter new markets, or innovate products. While this investment stage carries higher risk, successful outcomes can yield substantial returns.

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