Latest News in Communications and Media industry

OpenAI Partners with The Atlantic and Vox Media
German Court Ruling on Far-Right AfD Party's Campaign Ads
OpenAI Establishes Safety and Security Committee for Critical Decisions
AI-Generated Influencers: The New Trend in Social Media
Growing Use of Generative AI in Media Companies
China Cracks Down on Social Media Influencers Displaying Wealth and Materialism
TransAgents: AI Simulates Translation Agency
Purdue Study Reveals Coding Flaws in OpenAI's Chatbot
Hollywood Studios Offered Millions for AI-Generated Video Deals
Biden Administration Urges Tech Action Against Deepfakes
Chinese Military to Conduct "United Sword-2024A" Drills near Taiwan
FCC Considers New Rules for AI in Political Ads
The Brandtech Group's CEO on Generative AI in Advertising
Kenyan President Meets US Tech Leaders
OpenAI Partners with News Corp for Content Access
Scarlett Johansson Sues OpenAI Over ChatGPT Voice
Microsoft Unveils New Surface Devices with Qualcomm Processors
Meta Unveils Multimodal Model Chameleon to Combat GPT-4o
Lovo Inc. Faces Lawsuit Over Misuse of Voiceover Actors' Voices
ICP's Year 4 Roadmap Highlights DeAI and Chain Fusion Innovations
Sony Music Warns 700 Tech Companies on AI Training Usage
Congress Extends Surveillance Act: Uncertainty Over NSA Targets
Google IO 2024: Key Highlights and Announcements
OpenAI Rumored to Unveil New Multimodal AI Model
Omnicom Expands Global Solutions Centers in India
UK Proposes Children's Online Safety Measures
Ofcom unveils child protection code for social media
Warner Bros. Inks Multi-Year Deal with Timothée Chalamet
Microsoft Unveils GPT-4 AI Model for US Intelligence
Opera's Aria AI on Android: Introducing Text-based Web Page Summarization
Blinken on Social Media's Influence
Israel Bans Al Jazeera Broadcasts, Deepening Government Faction Divisions
SEC Slaps $14M Penalty on Audit Firm for Fraud and Failures
Google's Advanced Protection Program Introduces Passkey Support
Identifying AI-Generated Texts: Unveiling the Words and Phrases
Google Urges Government to Update Immigration Policies for AI and Tech Talent
Google's Pixel 8a Unveils AI-Powered Camera and Security Updates
Amazon's Twitch Launches Discovery Feed for Short-Form Videos
OpenAI Unveils 'Memory' Feature for ChatGPT Plus Users
Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish Steps Down, New Leadership Team Formed
Financial Times Partners with OpenAI for AI Model Training
Blackstone's $1.6 Billion Victory: Hipgnosis Songs Fund Acquired
Brussels to Investigate Meta's Handling of Disinformation on Facebook and Instagram
Paramount Global CEO Faces Firing Amid Merger Negotiations
American-Israeli Hostage Video Surfaces, Impact on Gaza Conflict
US Universities Face Pro-Palestinian Protests: Arrests and Controversy
Synthesia Introduces AI Human Avatars with Realistic Emotional Expressions
Reddit's Mobile App Update Puts Comments Front and Center
iQiyi Targets Older Users with AI-Driven Content Enhancement
Adobe Unveils Firefly 3 AI and Upgrades Photoshop Capabilities
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