Latest News in Internet industry

Apple and OpenAI Team Up for Major WWDC Announcement
Ethereum Researcher Justin Drake Joins EigenFoundation as Advisor
UK Sets Up AI Safety Institute in San Francisco
Snap Inc.'s AI and AR Strategy Unveiled
Expedia Leadership Faces Controversy as CTO and Senior Engineering Leader Dismissed
OpenAI CEO Acknowledges Embarrassing Off-boarding Agreement
Revolutionizing Gaming with P2E Model and Blockchain
Microsoft's Bold Move: Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass: WSJ
Ethereum Co-founder Faces Backlash Over Free Speech Comments
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Talks Q1 Report and XRPL Update
Kraken's Mark Greenberg Addresses Tether Delisting Rumors
Didi Global President Jean Liu Steps Down amid Company Restructuring
Snowflake in Talks to Acquire AI Startup Reka for Over $1 Billion
Apple's 27% App Store Fee Under Scrutiny
Delta Emulator Changes Logo After Legal Threat from Adobe
Mintlayer and Salus Collaborate to Launch Thunder Network
CoreWeave Secures $7.5B Debt Financing
Coinbase Optimistic on Spot Ether ETF Approval
Hong Kong Expands e-CNY Trial
EU Commission Sets Deadline for Microsoft on Generative AI Risks
X to Launch Payments Service in 2024 as Anticipated
Gopuff Startup Announces Another Round of Layoffs of 6%
New Cuckoo Malware Threat Targeting macOS Users
Dolce & Gabbana Sued for Mishandling NFT Delivery
OpenAI's Superalignment Team Disbands Amid Turmoil
Meta Unveils Multimodal Model Chameleon to Combat GPT-4o
Senate's Approval of Legislation Signals Growing Consensus on Crypto Regulations
Slack's AI Training Under Fire
Codesphere Raises $18M to Expand Services
Notcoin Emerges as Top Web3 Game
Ember Secures £5m Funding and Partners with HSBC for Digital Tax Services
EU Considers Fines for Microsoft Over AI Tool Disclosure
Vitalik Buterin Advocates for Decentralized Internet
OpenAI Unveils New Integration with Google Drive and OneDrive
DocuSign Exploited by Cybercriminals
Slack's Controversial Use of User Data
TikTok Tests 60-Minute Videos Feature
Drift Foundation Launches DRIFT Token Airdrop
OpenAI Secures Real-Time Reddit Content Deal
MakerDAO Announces PureDai Launch
Former Bolt CEO Proposes Settlement to End Lawsuit
Arizona Woman Accused of Aiding North Korea's Missile Program
Vercel Raises $250M in Series E Funding Round
Hugging Face Invests $10M in Shared GPUs for Small Developers
Strava Unveils New Features and Leadership
Phishing Attack on Crypto Wallet B3hodlr.eth Results in $1.26M Loss
Galaxy Digital Founder Predicts Transformation in Crypto Market
YouTube Blocks Hong Kong Protest Anthem
LandRocker: Pioneering the Future of Play-to-Earn Gaming
Entangle Launches Interoperable Omnichain Mainnet
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