Latest News in Telecommunications industry

Groq Seeks $300M Funding to Challenge Nvidia in AI Chip Market
European Council Approves AI Act: New Regulations on AI Systems
Russia's New Interference Threatens Ukraine's Starlink Service
Jio Leasing Services' $4.32B Purchase Boosts 5G Affordability
Macron's Vision for European AI Tech Independence from China and the U.S.
Amazon Initiates Deorbiting of Prototype Satellites for Project Kuiper
Nvidia Developing ARM-Based CPUs: Game-Changing Move for Laptops?
Nvidia's Profit Soars to $14B with AI Chips
Senate Committee Proposes New AI and Quantum Computing Education Act
Baidu CEO Robin Li casts doubt on near-future availability of artificial general intelligence (AGI)
Volt Typhoon Leverages ORB Networks for Cyber Evasion
SpaceX's Starlink Reaches 3 Million Customers
Dark Money Group NoGovInternet's Secret Campaign Against UTOPIA Fiber Collective
Telstra Announces Major Layoffs: 2,800 Jobs Cut as Australia's Downsizing Wave Continues
SpaceX Receives FCC License for Starlink on Moving Vehicles
Emtel Ltd. to Offer 25% of Shares in IPO
Microsoft Unveils AI PCs at Build 2024
SpaceX Launches Starlink Internet in Indonesia
UK Government Plans Transparency Rules for AI Content Usage
Microsoft's Bold Move: Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass: WSJ
CoreWeave Secures $7.5B Debt Financing
US Military Deploys Laser Defense in Middle East
Canadian Security Agency Urges Caution with TikTok
US State Department Offers $5M Reward for North Korean IT Job Scheme
Google Unveils Groundbreaking Updates to Android for Accessibility Awareness Day
Samsung Next Invests in Expanso for Data Processing Enhancement
AT&T to Offer Satellite-to-Phone Service
Netflix Unveils New Ad Tech Platform for Advertisers
86% Businesses Embrace AI, Transformation Lags: TCS
AT&T Partners with AST SpaceMobile for Satellite-to-Smartphone Service
Google Introduces Advanced Security Features for Android 15
AWS Launches Sovereign Cloud in Europe
Alkira Raises $100M for Cloud Network Management
Ebury Malware Resurfaces: Thousands of Linux Servers Infected
Elon Musk's xAI in $10B Cloud Deal with Oracle
California Budget Cuts Exacerbate Digital Divide
SpaceX Raises Starlink Service Price
Meta Platforms Developing AI Camerabuds for Language Translation
Zimbabwe Authorizes Mobile Money Agents to Boost ZiG Usage
ORCA and PSNC Partner with NVIDIA to Advance Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing
SoftBank to Invest $64B in AI Chip Development
Airtel Partners with Google Cloud for India's Business Solutions
US Mobile Carriers to Pay $10.2M Settlement for False Advertising
Microsoft's €4 Billion Investment in French Cloud and AI Infrastructure
Apple's iPhone to Integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini AI
SpaceX's Starlink Faces Geomagnetic Storm Challenge
Apple's Enhanced Siri Unveiling: A Smarter Voice Assistant
iOS 18: Real-Time Transcription and AI Summaries Coming to Apple Notes
Lisk Partners with Obligate to Boost Decentralized Financial Services
Taiwan's Record-Breaking Exports to US
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