INmune Bio Resumes AD02 Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease

INmune Bio Resumes AD02 Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alejandra Sánchez
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INmune Bio's AD02 Trial Resumes After FDA Clinical Hold

INmune Bio's AD02 trial, previously put on hold by the FDA, has resumed following an interim analysis that confirmed the trial's effectiveness. The trial focuses on INmune’s TNF XPro for Alzheimer’s disease and utilizes the Early Mild Alzheimer’s Cognitive Composite (EMACC) as its primary endpoint, measuring cognitive function in early Alzheimer’s stages through various tests. The FDA had placed the trial on hold due to manufacturing issues, but these were resolved and the hold was lifted. Additionally, INmune Bio has obtained regulatory approvals to conduct trials in the UK and Poland. XPro aims to reduce neuroinflammation to slow Alzheimer’s progression, diving into a competitive market with other treatments dominating the space.

Key Takeaways

  • INmune Bio's AD02 trial resumes after FDA clinical hold.
  • Trial uses EMACC as primary endpoint for Alzheimer’s study.
  • EMACC measures cognitive changes in early Alzheimer’s stages.
  • Interim analysis confirms trial's appropriate power.
  • XPro aims to reduce neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s patients.


The resumption of INmune Bio's AD02 trial could potentially disrupt the current treatment landscape for Alzheimer’s, challenging industry giants. The company stands to benefit from resolved manufacturing issues and expanded trial locations in the short term. In the long term, the effectiveness of XPro could have a significant impact on existing treatments, affecting pharmaceutical companies and investors. Furthermore, regulatory approvals in the UK and Poland hint at broader market penetration potential, influencing regional healthcare systems and economies.

Did You Know?

  • FDA Clinical Hold:
    • The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) places a clinical hold on a trial when safety concerns or regulatory issues arise, as seen in this case due to manufacturing issues.
  • Early Mild Alzheimer’s Cognitive Composite (EMACC):
    • EMACC comprises specific tests to measure cognitive function in individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, aiding researchers and clinicians in understanding the effects of treatments on cognitive abilities in this patient group.
  • Neuroinflammation:
    • Refers to the inflammation of nervous tissue, believed to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease progression, with treatments like INmune Bio's TNF XPro aiming to reduce this inflammation to potentially slow the disease's progression.

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