Inter Milan Owner Faces Impending Football Club Loss Over Debt Crisis

Inter Milan Owner Faces Impending Football Club Loss Over Debt Crisis

Enzo Rossi
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Inter Milan Faces Potential Loss Over €400 Million Debt Crisis

Inter Milan's owner, Suning, faces the impending risk of losing the football club if a resolution for its €400 million debt to Oaktree Capital Management isn't found soon. The debt stems from a €275 million loan provided by Oaktree to support Inter Milan's financial stability back in 2021. Inter Chairman, Steven Zhang, has expressed concerns over Oaktree's lack of meaningful engagement, highlighting potential risks to the club's stability. Despite this, Zhang remains committed to achieving a peaceful resolution. Notably, the debt is secured by Suning's majority stake in Inter Milan and is set to mature on Monday. While negotiations with Pimco for debt refinancing have been ongoing, a concrete deal has yet to materialize.

Key Takeaways

  • Impending risk for Inter Milan's ownership if the €400 million debt to Oaktree Capital Management remains unresolved.
  • Oaktree initially loaned €275 million to Suning in 2021, but with accrued interest, the debt has now reached €400 million.
  • Ongoing discussions with Pimco for debt refinancing have not yielded a favorable outcome.
  • Inter Milan's prominence as one of Italy's successful football clubs adds weight to the ramifications of this debt crisis.
  • Oaktree's choice to withhold comments amidst criticism from Inter Chairman Steven Zhang further intensifies the situation.


The potential loss of Inter Milan to a €400 million debt conveys significant implications regarding strained China-US financial relations. With Oaktree, a US-based asset manager, standing to benefit from Suning's potential failure to refinance, the Italian football scene faces potential upheaval, impacting fans, employees, and associated businesses. This crisis not only jeopardizes Inter Milan's immediate stability but also raises concerns about their performance in domestic and European competitions.

Furthermore, the long-term consequences extend to uncertain implications for Chinese investments in European football, potentially leading to heightened scrutiny of high-risk lending practices and regulatory reviews of sports club financing. The situation may also trigger more thorough evaluations of cross-border debt obligations and prompt changes in oversight. Chinese-owned football clubs, such as Milan's AC, could also come under increased scrutiny due to this development.

Did You Know?

  • Suning: A Chinese multinational corporation, which currently owns Inter Milan, specializes in retail and commercial services, operating across multiple sectors including real estate, financial services, and entertainment. The company faces financial challenges, resulting in the accumulation of a substantial €400 million debt owed to Oaktree Capital Management.
  • Oaktree Capital Management: A prominent global investment management firm focused on alternative investments, managing approximately $140 billion in assets as of 2024. The initial €275 million loan to Suning in 2021 has grown with accrued interest, spiraling into a €400 million debt obligation, secured by Suning's majority stake in Inter Milan.
  • Pimco: Pacific Investment Management Company, a subsidiary of Allianz and a renowned American investment management firm specializing in fixed-income investments. Suning's discussions with Pimco to refinance Oaktree's debt have not yet culminated in a definitive agreement. Pimco currently oversees assets valued at over $2 trillion.

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