Invesco Real Estate Acquires Warehouses in Pompano Beach, Florida

Invesco Real Estate Acquires Warehouses in Pompano Beach, Florida

Miriam Delgado
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Invesco Real Estate Expands Portfolio with $23.8 Million Acquisition in Pompano Beach, Florida

Invesco Real Estate, the real estate arm of Atlanta-based investment firm Invesco, has recently bolstered its portfolio with the acquisition of two warehouses in Pompano Beach, Florida. The properties, spanning nearly 105,000 square feet and fully leased, were purchased for a total of $23.8 million. This move comes in the wake of Blackstone's Link Logistics' recent acquisition of an industrial facility in the same city. Pompano Beach is Broward County's largest industrial submarket, featuring 25.3 million square feet of inventory and boasting a low vacancy rate of 3.5%. In addition to this recent acquisition, Invesco has also taken a minority stake in industrial-focused real estate firm Faropoint, which recently acquired three warehouses in Opa-locka, Florida for $24.6 million. Notably, Invesco currently holds a substantial 70 million square feet of industrial space in its portfolio across the country.

Key Takeaways

  • Institutional investors, such as Invesco Real Estate and Blackstone's Link Logistics, are increasingly drawn to the industrial submarket in Pompano Beach.
  • Invesco's acquisition of two warehouses in Pompano Beach totals $23.8 million, equating to $227 per square foot.
  • The two fully leased buildings, constructed in 1986, were previously under the ownership of Ares Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust.
  • Pompano Beach boasts a mere 3.5% industrial vacancy rate, with a vast inventory of 25.3 million square feet.
  • Invesco's ongoing expansion of its industrial portfolio, coupled with its minority stake in Faropoint, underscores the firm's strategic diversification and growth.


Invesco Real Estate's foray into the Pompano Beach market reflects the escalating interest of institutional investors in industrial submarkets characterized by low vacancy rates. The acquisition cost of $227 per square foot aligns with the burgeoning demand for warehouse space driven by the rapid growth of e-commerce. This strategic move is anticipated to fortify Invesco's portfolio and enhance its financial performance, potentially intensifying competition for firms like Ares Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust. Furthermore, this development might lead to a short-term increase in industrial real estate prices, potentially resulting in prolonged effects such as tighter supply and elevated rental rates. Consequently, countries and organizations reliant on the global supply chain could face indirect repercussions in the form of possible disruptions and heightened logistics costs.

Did You Know?

  • Institutional investors: These are substantial, professional investment entities that manage funds on behalf of individuals, governments, or other organizations. In the context of this article, Invesco Real Estate and Blackstone's Link Logistics exemplify institutional investors actively engaging in the acquisition of industrial properties in Pompano Beach, Florida.
  • $23.8 million acquisition: Invesco Real Estate recently procured two warehouses in Pompano Beach for a total of $23.8 million, reflecting an average cost of approximately $227 per square foot, a common metric for evaluating commercial real estate transactions.
  • Pompano Beach industrial submarket: This specific geographic area in Broward County, Florida, where Invesco and Blackstone have recently acquired industrial properties, is characterized by a low vacancy rate (3.5%) and a substantial inventory (25.3 million square feet), making it an enticing prospect for institutional investors seeking industrial real estate opportunities.

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