Investment Opportunities in South Korea and India: Insights from SC Lowy's CEO

Rajesh Singh Choe
1 min read

As China's economic growth is impacted by slow economic growth and rising geopolitical risk, SC Lowy CEO, Michel Lowy, sees potential in South Korea and India. Lowy, managing $1.5 billion of funds, believes there are better opportunities in these two Asian economies. He highlights the growth prospects in both countries and the appeal of private credit in the Asia-Pacific due to funding gaps and rising demand. Lowy discusses the favorable aspects of South Korea's legal and banking system and the manufacturing and real estate opportunities in both countries. He also shares his insights on India's evolving investment landscape and the potential for manufacturing growth. Despite being headquartered in Hong Kong, Lowy acknowledges the advantages but doesn't guarantee it will remain their largest office ten years from now.

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