Israeli Forces Withdraw from al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza after Major Operation

Israeli Forces Withdraw from al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza after Major Operation

Matteo De Luca
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Israeli forces have withdrawn from al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after a major two-week operation, resulting in the destruction of much of the largest medical facility in Gaza. The Israeli army promoted the success of the operation, claiming to have killed more than 200 militants, arrested hundreds more, and seized valuable intelligence. However, the raid left much of al-Shifa a burnt-out shell, with significant damage to the complex. The Palestinian health ministry stated that Israeli forces had withdrawn after burning buildings in the compound, rendering them completely out of use. The damage included collapsed masonry, shattered concrete, and charred walls. Israel launched the raid on al-Shifa on March 18, alleging that Hamas and other militants had regrouped there. Despite Israeli claims that hospitals are being used for military purposes, Palestinian officials deny these allegations and have accused the Israeli army of endangering civilians and destroying the Gazan health sector. The operation came as Israel was preparing to attack Rafah, a southern Gaza town claimed to be Hamas's last bastion. Tensions have further escalated with Israel preparing to move over 1 million Palestinian civilians out of Rafah and attack the remaining Hamas battalions. The situation has drawn criticism from the US, which has raised significant misgivings about mounting an offensive in a city that has become a sanctuary for civilians fleeing fighting elsewhere in the enclave. The ongoing conflict has also led to large protests against the government, with demands for a ceasefire deal to allow the release of hostages held by Hamas militants and early elections. Efforts to broker an agreement between Israel and Hamas have proven challenging, with mediators struggling to bridge the wide gaps between the warring parties. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has seen ongoing violence since Hamas's October 7 attack on the south of Israel, resulting in significant casualties on both sides.

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