J2 Ventures Raises $150M Second Fund

J2 Ventures Raises $150M Second Fund

Alejandro Ramirez
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J2 Ventures Raises $150 Million for National-Security Adjacent Tech Investments

J2 Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Boston and led by U.S. military veterans, has successfully raised $150 million for its second fund. This significantly surpasses the firm's initial $67.5 million raised in 2021. J2 Ventures specializes in investing in startups that cater to both civilian and U.S. Department of Defense markets. However, unlike many other firms, J2 focuses on "national-security adjacent" technologies rather than defense-specific investments. The firm avoids investments in technologies like drones and surveillance, instead backing companies that enhance the well-being and healthcare of U.S. military personnel.

One compelling aspect of J2's strategy is its emphasis on adopting technologies that have the potential to benefit military personnel before they become widely accepted in the civilian world. The firm's notable portfolio includes healthcare innovations such as Tasso's needle-free blood draw technology and Lumia Health's wearable brain blood flow monitor. Additionally, J2 Ventures invests in cybersecurity, infrastructure, and advanced computing, supporting companies such as Femtosense, which develops energy-efficient AI chips.

Key Takeaways

  • J2 Ventures has raised a substantial $150 million for its second fund, which surpasses its debut fund by a significant margin.
  • The firm focuses on national-security adjacent startups, rather than defense-focused technologies, and invests heavily in healthcare enhancements for U.S. military personnel, leveraging early Department of Defense technology adoption.
  • J2's portfolio includes groundbreaking innovations in the healthcare, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and advanced computing sectors, aiming to improve the well-being and efficiency of military operations.


The expansion of J2 Ventures' fund to $150 million underlines the increasing interest of venture capitalists in national-security adjacent technologies. This shift, influenced by early Department of Defense technology adoption, has wide-reaching impacts on healthcare and cybersecurity sectors, benefiting startups like Tasso and Lumia Health. In the short-term, J2’s focus on military well-being technology could significantly enhance personnel care. In the long-term, these innovations may become mainstream, potentially influencing civilian healthcare. Financial backers, such as JP Morgan and the New Mexico State Investment Council, stand to gain from early exposure to potentially transformative technologies.

Did You Know?

  • National-Security Adjacent Technologies:
    • Explanation: These technologies have significant implications for national security and enhance the safety, efficiency, and well-being of military personnel and infrastructure. Examples include tailored healthcare advancements for military use, cybersecurity measures, and advanced computing solutions that support national security operations without being overtly military-focused.
  • Pre-Seed to Series A Stages:
    • Explanation: These stages of venture capital funding indicate an early focus on supporting startups from their inception through to initial growth phases.
  • Limited Partners (LPs) in Venture Capital:
    • Explanation: LPs provide the essential capital for venture funds to operate and invest in startups, while the general partners manage the investment decisions and operations of the fund. The entities, such as JP Morgan and the New Mexico State Investment Council, contribute capital without participating in the daily management of the fund.

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